NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A software problem has caused credit cards and pre-paid parking cards to be rejected by parking meters around New York City.

The Department of Transportation said the software had an “established end date” of Jan. 1, 2020 and was never updated by the vendor.

Drivers can still pay with cash or by using credit cards via the ParkNYC app.

The DOT said crews were out working on the issue Thursday night, but there’s no word on how long it will take to fix the tens of thousands of meters.

The agency will discuss what to do about possible ticketed drivers with the city’s department of finance.

“Yeah, payment failed… If it’s a system failure I think that’s really stupid to still ticket people,” Talah Cheema, a driver from Jersey City said.

DOT crews are now trying to reconfigure the software on all 14,000 meters in the city. When CBS2’s Ali Bauman caught up with crews in Long Island City Friday – that process didn’t seem to be going very well.

So far they say roughly, 1,700 have been repaired. That’s about 12 percent.

The transportation department also tells CBS2 it’s training and deploying additional electricians this weekend so there will be crews working around the clock to solve this. The city predicts all the meters will be fixed by Thursday night, more than a week after this problem began.

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  1. ignatzz says:

    “meters are still accepting coins”

    Yes, because I just happened to be carrying $3.00 in change in my pocket when the damn thing didn’t take my card.

  2. This looks as though it could be the consequence of a fix for a Y2K problem, either in the software or (commonly) in a library that was incorporated when the software was built. Often, a “windowing” technique was employed, interpreting dates with low year numbers as 21st century and with higher year numbers as 20th century. 2020 was a popular choice for the end of the window, so YY numbers between 00 and 20 would be 20xx, from 21-99 they would be 19xx.

  3. Jofe Ferrer says:

    In NYC admission of fault is a sign of weakness. Someone else is always to blame.

  4. Spawn of Cthulhu says:

    Oh, no, it’s Y2.02K!

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