NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for a man accused of spitting at a woman outside a Queens yeshiva.

According to police, the male suspect attempted to enter a yeshiva on Central Avenue in Far Rockaway on Dec. 24.

Police are searching for a man accused of spitting at a woman outside a Queens yeshiva on Dec. 24, 2019. (Credit: CBS2)

When he was denied entry, he allegedly walked over to a nearby vehicle and made anti-Semitic remarks before spitting into the car through an open window and running away.

The 44-year-old female driver in the vehicle was not injured.

Ayyash Saleh owns the store across the street from where the incident happened.

“Who would do that? Some things don’t make sense. Who would do that?” he said.

Others in the area are also disturbed by the hate.

“I feel like it’s not only the Jewish community. It’s the world that we live in. It’s in every community, black, Spanish, so people are being out of control,” Queens resident Maria Asencio told CBSN New York’s Kiran Dhillon.

Anyone who has information regarding this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-8477 or for Spanish, 1-888-577-4782. Tips can also be sent to the NYPDTips Twitter account or submitted online at

Police say during the last weeks of December, there were at least 14 reported assaults against Jewish people around New York City.

In some cases, the victims have been punched, kicked and have had anti-Semitic slurs yelled at them.

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On Saturday, Mayor Bill de Blasio met with members of the community at a synagogue on the Upper West Side.

In light of the attacks, some members of the Jewish faith have pushed for more safety in the community.

The mayor says additional NYPD strategic response officers will be in city streets. Many people in Queens are hoping the initiatives will curb the hate.

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“I feel like we all should help each other, respect each other in a way that, today I help you but tomorrow, I don’t know if you will need my help so I’m going to be there,” Asencio said.

“Hope the police catch them. I don’t know, things like that, no one wants to hear it,” Saleh said.

The governor has also announced state police will add patrols in Jewish neighborhoods.

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  1. burfs says:

    Trying to make any of this fit into “hate crime” accomplishes nothing except to re-elect a poser politiician that claims the answer to label everything a “hate crime”.
    This guy committed a crime called “assualt and battery”. Trust me….convict this guy of “assualt and battery”…..and the spitting will stop.
    The same goes for attempted murder(trying to stab a rabbi)…or breaking and entering….or vandalism(nazi spraypaint, etc)
    Just enforce REAL laws.
    Dont just re-elect stupid politicians that promote the Hate Crime Theology.

  2. jabusse says:

    When they spit on me after I came home from Vietnam, everyone cheered.

    1. Cathy says:

      Not everyone. Just you demwits like they still hate our military.

  3. The Incubator says:

    The guy spit at a woman and ran away. Tells you all you have to know about his cowardly and vile character.

  4. Moel Schnardzinki says:

    Hammers are NOT illegal. Bring a good HAMMER with. Pepper spray face 1st then use hammer, Works for me anyway. Then they can’t see or talk when their jaw is cracked.
    Shepardic or Ashkanazi ?

  5. Mike miller says:

    Oh no, people don’t like jews and the rest of us are supposed treat it like a crime.
    Just arrest them for assault and leave the Thought Crime out of it.

  6. Brad Blinstrub says:

    To those locked in bitterness. The poor and struggling are not your enemies. The middle classes are poorer than many of you, although they will never admit it. People shopping in stores looking for a bargain, are people like yourself. The Jews struggling to live each day are no different than you. Your real enemies are the ones cramming this twisted information you are getting through strained filters that are basically, lies. They will do nothing for you when you are sitting in a living hell due to your blind stupidity. Much of what you get regarding Jews, has glaring omissions and, worse, diabolical statements of falsehood. If you want to achieve victory research more and display kindness to those you do not trust. You may win a friend for life and dispel an enemy. God bless you all.

  7. JV says:

    What if he was just a misogynist? Would he have done the same to a man?

  8. Tyrell says:

    If people from every non-Jewish group have a problem with Jews, there must be a common reason. Perhaps Jews are doing something that rubs non-Jews the wrong way.

    1. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

      109 countries lol

      1. StaggerLee says:

        Where’d you come up with that figure, liar? Na zi Gazette? It’s 109 locations since 250 AD, youfckingmoron.

    2. Will Thompson says:

      All the Christians I know love our Jewish brothers and sisters. You, sir, take responsibility for your own actions and words.

  9. Martin Gray says:

    Anti-semitism is learned in the home where it is carried over from generation to generation.

    1. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

      It’s learned from exposure to them and being forced to deal with them in every aspect of your life, despite them being only 2% of population.

      1. Veritas says:

        You need to boycott the following inventions made by American Jews: the Polio Vaccine, Radiation, Chemotherapy, the Artificial Kidney Dialysis machine, the MRI machine, the Defibrillator, the Cardiac Pacemaker, Vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus, the bifurcated vaccination needle used to prevent smallpox, the multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone, anti-leukaemia, gout, meningitis and herpes drugs, LASIK eye surgery, vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague, and Laser Technology.

        Kindly stay true to your heartfelt beliefs and die an early and miserable death. You won’t be missed.

    2. b0geyman says:

      Maybe if they had learned their lesson the first 109 times there would be no more anti-semitism.

      1. Veritas says:

        Every single one of those locations collapsed soon after. The Lord has blessed us with remarkably stupid enemies.

      2. Veritas says:

        Interesting that an article reporting the scourge of anti-Semitism draws out all the Jew haters to vomit their hate. That’s okay. We killed off the Nazis once; we’ll take care of you anti-American morons once more.

  10. Trevor Sedis says:

    11th Kommandment: “Thou shalt worship ChoseNOSEnites forever and EVAH!”

  11. joe says:

    Down here in Dixie we shoot varmints.The sure fire cure for anti-semitism,00BUCK/.045ACP.

    1. matismf says:

      Better not try that in the Big Craphole. But then laws are for everyone EXCEPT the tribe. There is a report that they are openly carrying AR15s in New York and not being arrested!!!

  12. Dave says:

    If this happened to a Christian woman, it wouldn’t appear in the news, but SNL would make a comedy skit about it.
    Double standards and Jewish supremacism create anti-semitism

  13. Thomas Roelofs says:

    Police are looking for the suspect and asking for help from anyone with information on the incident. But there’s no description of the suspect!?

    1. Steve says:

      Meaning he is clearly not white.

  14. Chris .Appel says:

    Thank God our President Loves Israel and Jews.

    1. Dave says:

      It’s a shame he loves Israel and Jews more than the Christian Americans who elected him…

  15. Chris says:

    They sure are working overtime to hide the truth about who commits the overwhelming majority of anti-sematic attacks (hint: It’s not ‘White Supremacists”).

  16. Richard Anderson says:

    For years this has been a problem in Jerusalem and Israel in general, when Christian clerics are approached and spat upon by Jews. It has often been reported there, and little done!

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      Really? I have worshiped with thousands of Jews as a Christian and, unless one or two were crazy I have never heard or seen what you describe.

  17. reasonnotfeelings says:

    Seems like we are at a crossroad of intersectionality without stop signs – hillarious

  18. busseja says:

    They spit at me when I returned from Da Nang in 1972. No one bitched.

    1. Freeland_Dave says:

      Me too. But the SF cop said he was surprised I didn’t skewer the guy with my saber.

  19. Mark Lemmon says:

    Spitting? Well, give him the gas chamber… What would Hitler do?

  20. tngilmer says:

    Two thoughts. First, the only party that elects rabid Muslim Jew haters is the Democrat Party. Second, the party that crafted hating Jews into an art with the Klan and who elected a Klan leader to the Senate was the Democrat party.

  21. how many palestinians have been murdered, maimed, blinded and beaten; so spit is a big deal?

    1. Dave says:


    2. Dan Perman says:

      You tell me. How many? And right after that you tell me how many Jewish babies were murdered by your friends, the so-called Palestinians. Remember, Arafat was born in Egypt, raised in Egypt, studied at the university in Egypt. Just an everyday, run of the mill Palestinian.

      1. Kevin says:

        More Jew are murdered by abortion then by Muslims.

  22. Dave says:

    Had this been a Christian women, this wouldn’t make the news.
    In fact, SNL would make a comedy sketch about it.
    Double standards create anti-semitism

    1. kelvin washington says:

      Why do jews deserve special protection? This wouldn’t even MATTER if it was a white gentile woman or man.

  23. I guess some of the goy are mad.

    1. reasonnotfeelings says:

      I think you meant the “boyz”

    2. reasonnotfeelings says:

      Seems like we are at a crossroad of intersectionality without stop signs – hillarious

    3. kelvin washington says:

      you’re the only ‘goy’ on here.

    4. kelvin washington says:

      White gentile woman or man, it wouldn’t matter, wouldn’t be news worthy and definitely wouldn’t be a hate crime.

      Why the two different legal systems for jews and white gentiles?

  24. Randy Bullard says:

    This wouldn’t happen in Texas. The jews would have long ago armed themselves, and the stories would read more like “one more thug gunned down during attack.” This would end… quickly.

    Welcome to New York, part of “the state will take care of you” country. Except they can’t.

  25. Hamish ond says:

    NYC-one schitthole of liberal hatred A to Z folks.Nothing new at all really…

  26. John Holladay says:

    What is the logic of this Jewish hate? Think about it, where did this hates come from?

    One sources is the Catholics church and it’s replacement philosophy which came about around the 300’s. Another is the Medina writings of Mohammad.

    First, why would an ashiest care one way or another? A Jew is just another person. Why would any liberal care?

    Again think about it. Makes no sense.

    1. Bill Murray says:

      i would look a little closer to home ,maybe al sharpton et . al.

    2. Freeland_Dave says:

      When you figure that out why do Jews, Christians and Muslims hate each other when they all worship the same God? Note: Muslims worship the God of Abraham.

    3. Dave says:

      Good question: Why do Jews hate nonjews so much?
      I’m guessing it’s codified in the Talmud, taught to orthodox children, and Israel’s immigration and marital laws.

  27. Michael says:

    Oh my God the Humanity

  28. Tom Menino says:

    Keep voting Democrat and keep getting beat up. Had enough?

  29. Vinny says:

    Oh my goodness. Somebody needs to stop these white supremists.

    1. Hamish ond says:

      It was a nig ger moron.

    2. Steve says:

      I am guessing you are being sarcastic. None of these antisemitic incidents involve a white guy. It is the wonders of diversity handing out the beatings.

  30. Another “teen” I’m assuming?

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