NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Singer Adele normally makes headlines for her voice, but right now many on social media are buzzing about her weight loss.

Adele has won just about every award you can imagine, including an Oscar and 15 Grammy Awards, reports CBS2’s Cindy Hsu.

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Many are now focusing on her body transformation: The 31-year-old reportedly lost more than 40 pounds in the last few months.

Some of her fans love it.

“I think it’s great,” said Hari-Priya Debidayal. “I think it’s a good change.”

“Good for her and I want to be next,” said Mariam Elnehmani.

“I’m happy for her, whatever she’s using, well – wow,” said Tony Debidayal.

She’s reportedly using the Sirtfood Diet, Sirt standing for Sirtuins which are proteins in your body connected to metabolism and aging. They are found in foods like kale and blueberries, but also dark chocolate, red wine and coffee which are on the plan.

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“Phase one of this diet is very low-calorie,” said registered dietician Lauren Slayton of FoodTrainers. “It’s basically a bunch of juices and one meal about a thousand calories a day. That’s going to give you rapid weight loss and a lot of hunger too.”

She says you can use the diet as a jumping-off point, but don’t expect some of the claims like losing seven pounds in a week.

“I think a lot of these fad diets, and this is better than some fad diets, have a kernel of truth and then a lot of filler,” she said.

Adele’s weight loss is also stirring up controversy among some people who liked her the way she was, but body image expert Catherine Schuller says she’s happy for Adele.

“She doesn’t look like she’s emaciated or she’s unhappy or she’s fraught with some sort of anorexic behavior,” said Schuller.

“If she’s happy and she’s healthy, then good for her – that’s what’s important, honestly,” said Sarah Elnaamani.

Her fans just want her to keep making beautiful music.

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Adele has not commented on her weight loss, but more importantly, she just released a new album – her first in five years.