NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More than a decade after an NYPD officer saved a young girl from choking, they reunited in the same spot where it happened.

In 2004, Det. Carlos Santos was on his way to work in the East Village when he saw a father running with his lifeless four-year-old daughter in his arms.

Det. Carlos Santos and Sofhia Cochegrus back in 2004. (Credit: CBS2)

Without hesitation, Santos pulled over and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Sofhia Cochegrus. Moments later, she coughed up a piece of gum that was lodged in her throat.

“I feel that fate put me here on this corner to help her out,” Det. Santos said.

“I’m super grateful to be alive right now and am super blessed,” Cochegrus added.

Sofhia says she doesn’t remember much from that day, but she does know she wants to follow in the detective’s footsteps and become a police officer as well.