HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — People on Long Island say there is dysfunction at the Department of Motor Vehicles. They say hours-long waits have been greeting them at the door for weeks.

The frustration has come as many have tried to get a so-called Real ID before the October deadline. Plus, a new law allows more people to get driver’s licenses, CBS2’s Jessica Moore reported.

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Waiting in an idle line just wasn’t worth it anymore to Meki Butts and his mother.

“I was going to get my permit, but I was waiting in this line for hours. But I’m not in a test-taking mood anymore. I would rather be in math class right now,” the 17-year-old said.

The Long Island teen walked out of the Department of Motor Vehicle office in Hauppauge feeling defeated.

Long Islanders say lengthy, snaking lines, are still forming at most DMVs almost a month after the state passed the Green Light Law, allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver’s license.

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“I just walked in and seen all these people and was like, oh my God,” Royetta Alston of Central Islip said.

“I have never seen the lines this long and this slow,” another person said.

Many have been getting in line hours before offices even open.

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“Roughly 5 in the morning,” Brentwood’s Anthony Avila said.

At select DMVs, officials separate people into different lines to make the wait go faster. But at the Garden City location on Wednesday, many were forced to wait in a single-file line outside since it was said inside reached capacity early.

“I got my ticket at 8:59 this morning and I am still out here,” Eddie Robinson of Uniondale said.

The wait was a perfect storm for many like Robinson, who was trying to get a Real ID before the October deadline. Between people like him and a new, eligible demographic allowed to get permits, most said the DMV should have been better prepared for the influx because it knew it was coming.

“Horrible, horrible bad customer service,” Robinson said.

DMV officials say they’re managing the “unprecedented crowds” by hiring 300 new employees and plan to recruit even more. They’ve also extended business hours at certain locations and added appointments on Saturdays. However, most in the lines will tell you something more should be done.

“I know it’s a lot of people, but they are not nice,” Alicia Ward of Freeport said.

For these Long Islanders, the long lines and waiting games are getting old.

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DMV officials are also encouraging people to make appointments online and use their kiosks if they just need to renew their licenses.