NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It certainly didn’t feel like January on Saturday, and plenty of people spent the day outdoors, enjoying the break from winter.

CBSN New York’s Dave Carlin took a warm walk through Times Square, where very few things were frozen — just the Broadway show.

Certainly not the Naked Cowboy, who sang “Here Comes The Sun.”

Saturday’s warm weather made the record books. The high in New York City was 69 degrees, six degrees higher than the previous record.

“Life is good,” the Naked Cowboy said.

“It’s beautiful,” one man said.

Skin was showing and even glowing.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be hot. Like, I’m sweating a little bit walking down the street,” Lana Webber, from Delaware, said.

“It’s hot. I’m going to have tan lines,” one woman said. “I wish I brought some sunscreen.”

Across the region, air conditioners were back on and windows were open.

In Hoboken, New Jersey, folks were wearing short sleeves and eating ice cream — on Jan. 11.

“It’s the warmest January day I can ever remember,” one man said.

Four-year-old Chloe Isenberg said the weather was hot, like summer.

“We’re getting a break from, like, all the coldness and stuff, so I definitely like it,” said one young woman who was enjoying some ice cream.

The warm weather is great for ice cream sales, but ice skating with bare arms out and blades on meant maneuvering around a widening melting spot in the middle of Bryant Park’s rink.

But it won’t stay this way.

“It’ll just start up again and that’s when everybody will get sick and then it’ll be bad, but right now it’s great,” Ashley Miller Lewes, of Delaware, said.

So this is fleeting before more sleeting — enjoy while it lasts.

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