CARLE PLACE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some homeowners along the Long Island Rail Road main line say their complaints to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority about intolerable noise and shaking homes have fallen on deaf ears.

This as work on the Third Track Project continues and won’t be completed for another two years, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Monday.

Across from Elisia Ruivo’s Carle Place home, a new sound barrier wall covering the third track construction is not much help.

“This is my house shaking. This just happened now. I had something on top of my sink and it just fell and broke,” Ruivo said.

She recorded video of the shake, rattle and roll over the weekend. She said it’s almost too much to bear.

Trees that once provided a buffer in Garden City, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, and Carle Place have been removed. Resident Charles Smith said he takes out his hearing aids, but others aren’t so lucky.

The LIRR is using vibration cameras to monitor the work on the Third Track Project. (Photo: CBS2)

“It’s boom, boom, boom all day,” one person said.

“And it’s a constant, annoying sound,” another person said.

Juda O’Connell said residents were asked to vote on the wall design.

“I think shrubs would be the best to camouflage,” O’Connell said.

“To me, it’s so stark,” another person said.

“Loud vibrations, the house does rattle. I check every day for cracks,” a resident said.

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The third track will reduce congestion and delays along the main line for a total of 9.8 miles. From Floral Park to Hicksville, commuters are eager for relief.

The overall project is expected to be completed by late 2022. In the meantime, the MTA issued the following statement on how it will address the ongoing noise problem:

“The project team coordinates closely with communities throughout construction, including monthly notices of upcoming construction activities and welcomes feedback from residents with scorecards and a contractor 24/7 hotline and email. The neighborhood had input on the design of the retaining and sound attenuation walls which are currently being installed along Atlantic Ave North in Carle Place, and will dramatically reduce noise from passing trains. The entire wall construction on this block will be complete by Spring 2020.”

The MTA has installed vibration cameras to monitor the work.

“Once this is all done, once these walls are in place, they are going to see a much more quieter livability,” LIRR President Phillip Eng said.

Residents have been asking, what about the here and now? And they have been demanding the LIRR quiet the construction and pay for damages.

Some local lawmakers agree.

“Most important is that they make sure they are out there and step up with any funding or responsiveness that is needed,” said Legislator Laura Schaefer of Nassau County’s District 14.

Homeowners told McLogan they have been calling the hotline to complain about structural damage. CBS2 asked about compensation and is still waiting for a response.

Others along the main line have been complaining about detours that are causing unwanted traffic.


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