NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – In this week’s Furry Friend Finder, we introduce you to Ginger Rogers and Coconut.

Coconut the Havanese puppy. (credit: CBS2)

Coconut is a 5-month-old, 10 pound Havanese puppy. Coconut has a spirited personality and a springy gait when she goes for her walks. Cocony is a curious puppy who is very social and loves to play, but she still needs to learn the rules of housebreaking.

(credit: CBS2)

Ginger Rogers is an 11-year-old, 6 pound, housebroken Yorkshire terrier. Ginger is a very quiet, loving dog that enjoys her naps and being with you. Ginger only has one eye, but her other eye had cataract surgery and she sees well with it.

Amber Lynn is a 2-year-old, 6-pound, hypoallergenic Shih Tzu. (Credit: CBS2)

In a Furry Friend update, we are thrilled we could make Jeannette’s dream come true when she adopted Amber. When Jeannette’s last dog passed away, she was looking everywhere for a new Shih Tzu like Amber. Jeannette was so excited when she saw Amber and found her new best friend. They go everywhere together, even to work.

You can keep track of the animals that are still looking for homes and see which ones have been adopted by a loving family at The Humane Society of New York is located at 306 E. 59th St. near Second Avenue in Manhattan or you can call (212) 752-4842.

  1. Nancey Mathews says:

    Good morning,
    Is sweet Coconut still up for adoption?
    I put in an application and wanted to know what the usual time fram is to hear if we are being considered.
    We lost our pappion about 6 months ago and my mother who is 84 and lives with us is hoping for a sweet puppy just like her. I work from home and have plenty of time to love on her and train her.
    My phone # is 732-754-2070
    Thank you for your consideration
    Nancey Mathews

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