GOSHEN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The world’s largest Legoland is coming to Orange County this summer, but not everyone is happy about some of the changes it will bring.

With its 50 rollicking rides and attractions, the $450 million Legoland New York Resort is set to open in July on a 150-acre site in Goshen, 60 miles north of New York City — to varying degrees of enthusiasm.

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“There’s tons of jobs that are gonna come to the area,” one woman told CBSN New York’s Scott Rapoport.

“It’s gonna pollute the area more, the air pollution. Many more cars,” one man said.

But now some residents in the out-of-the-way enclave are not so happy about another piece of the Legoland puzzle — a proposal by the company to take a part of Harriman Drive alongside State Route 17 and change the name to Legoland Boulevard.

That portion of the road will lead to the amusement park entrance.

“I think we should keep it like it is, for the old timers,” one woman said.

But Legoland representative Matt Besterman says renaming the street is logical. It’s a way to help tourists find the site.

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He also says that most Harriman Drive will keep its current name.

“Our proposal would really preserve the name of Harriman Drive along its whole length except for the short section that just goes right past our theme park,” Besterman said.

“It doesn’t really affect me. It shouldn’t really affect anybody I think. It’s just the name of the street,” one woman said.

But others say Harriman Drive has historical significance.

It was named after Edward Henry Harriman — a railroad baron, financier and industrialist — and other members of his family who were prominent citizens of the area and donated to the community.

“I think they should leave it alone. I think the street should remain Harriman Drive,” one man said.

So now the Goshen Town Board is set to vote on the name change on Thursday, which would only be symbolic. Only the state legislature can actually rename the street.

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Legoland has already asked lawmakers to consider it.