NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Super Bowl is finally here, but for some, the party menu is even better than the game, especially if you don’t care about the teams playing this year.

Marc Sherry, from Old Homestead Steakhouse, has some delicious ideas for your Super Bowl party.

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Check them out in the video above, and check out this recipe from the Old Homestead:

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Old Homestead Steakhouse Super 5-Beef Chili Recipe

Serves 8-10

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  1. cut into ½-inch cubes ½-pound each sirloin, rib eye, porterhouse, filet mignon and prime rib; set aside
  2. mince 6 cloves garlic, and 1 jalapeno pepper (optional); set aside
  3. dice 1 large yellow onion, 6 large beefsteak tomatoes, and 2 large green bell peppers; set aside
  4. rinse 20 ounces each red and white canned kidney beans; set aside
  5. coat large soup pot with olive oil, pre-heat on low flame
  6. add garlic and onions, cook 5 minutes on medium heat
  7. add beef, brown for 8 minutes on medium heat
  8. add 3 cups chicken stock, red and white kidney beans, diced tomatoes and bell pepper
  9. stir contents of pot
  10. add 6 ounces tomato paste
  11. add 2 tablespoons each paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt to taste
  12. stir contents until well mixed
  13. reduce to low heat and let simmer 90 minutes
  14. top with crumbled blue cheese and small cubes cheddar cheese
  15. serve straight from pot with herb-cheese potato crisps