NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Despite the ongoing efforts for gender equality, so-called “traditional” household roles have not changed.

A new study shows women are still doing most of the chores.

Here we are in the year 2020 — an enlightened society that clearly sees the roles of men and women as equals, right?

But when it comes to things like cleaning, dusting, laundry and household chores, it seems like women are still getting the short end of the stick.

“I think it’s awful. It’s not fair,” said Nancy Burke, of Maplewood, New Jersey.

According to a new Gallup poll, despite the fact that women are working more hours, pursuing careers and taking care of the kids, women are still more likely than men to take on the dreaded domestic drudgery.

Wanna talk laundry? Gallup says 58% of the time, it’s the woman’s job.

Cleaning the house, it’s more often women than men — 51%.

Preparing the meals is still mostly women’s work — also 51%.

“It is not a woman’s work,” Sitara Maria, of Washington Heights, said. “I’m enraged. That’s horrible. Women do not belong in kitchens and the laundromat.”

“I think the men should be doing the cooking. Who are the best chefs? Men.”

The poll also says younger couples 18-34 are no more likely to divide up the household chores than older couples.

CBS2’s Scott Rapoport asked guys, what’s up with that?

“We’re just programmed to think that way, so I understand that,” Christian Rossi, of Hamilton Heights, said.

So where’s the equality? Where’s the enlightenment? What’s going on here?

“I think it’s because young people are going backwards to really go back to much more of what the traditional roles are,” clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky said.

Truth be told, the survey does show since 1996, women do a little less housework and men a little more, but it’s not exactly equal.

“No, it’s not equal at all. I know it’s not. From all my women friends, it’s not,” Burke said.

So even in the year 2020, the woman who seeks to have it all is still more likely than not having to do it all.

  1. Steven Allen says:

    How come we never mention the men like myself who had to raise a daughter and do housework as well as work all by my lonesome, no other family members to help, where’s that poll at, So enough of the Equal stuff,when never count the men whose wives have past.

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