NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Frightening video shows a knife fight break out on the subway in Brooklyn.

An argument, for reasons unknown, on a crowded 2 train in Crown Heights on Wednesday afternoon had all the makings of a knife fight between a man and a woman.

A bystander eventually got between the feuding pair while a child in a stroller was seen dangerously close to the scuffle.

The argument escalates as the train comes to a stop, and it appears the male suspect is actually holding a blade in each hand. The female suspect leaves and in the end, no one was hurt.

But a knife also found its way onto a 6 train in Mott Haven later that night, when a young woman was slashed, cut across the head and hand in what bystanders say was an unprovoked attack. Police are still searching for that suspect.

The incidents are part of an alarming increase in transit crime.

Comparing January and early February this year to the same period last year, there were 263 total crimes system-wide last year compared to 354 this year. That’s a 35% increase.

Riders say they’ve noticed more issues and it makes them nervous.

“That’s very alarming. That’s something that we should look at,” one man said. “When you have that many people in a small area, public safety is very important.”

Until a real solution is found, some say they’ll avoid mass transit if necessary.

“When I see people with knives, I run. I’m not going to sit there and get stabbed,” one woman said.

Police are searching for the two individuals seen in the video from the 2 train.

Anyone who has information regarding this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-8477 or for Spanish, 1-888-577-4782. Tips can also be sent to the NYPDTips Twitter account or submitted online at

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  1. Jack Webb says:

    Just a disagreement over global warming science, or how to keep the economic recovery going, or foreign investment strategies, string theory, or the multiverse.

  2. Bomach says:

    Where’s Bernie Getz when you need him?

  3. Dawgeatdog says:

    oh come on! I’m sure this was just a typical Valentine’s celebration from the hood. So, it goes public and all dem whiteys get uptight. All’s well.

  4. Jim Jiminee says:

    ‘Mup Da Doo Didda Po Mo Gub Bidda Be Jimma Dat Tum Muhfugen Bix Nood Cof Bin Dub Ho Muhfugga.’

  5. Jim Jiminee says:

    “An argument for reasons unkjnown..”- you have to learn how to speak Bix Nood to understand what is going on. I’m guessing someone was ‘disrespecked’.

  6. Michael P Coleman says:

    Dem Socialists would rather you die, before giving you a chance to protect yourself !

  7. yo mama says:

    Lincoln should not have given an option…

  8. “All men are created equal.” Yeah, right.

    1. John says:

      Yes, Smith and Wesson, along with Colt, made it so.
      Only criminals want it to be any different.

  9. Fregoli Delusion says:

    I blame white privilege for this incident.

  10. Otoya Yamaguchi says:

    Why no descriptions in the slashing case?

    1. Peter York says:

      reap it good

  11. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    Bix nnod cracka azz cracka

  12. Dusty Granger says:

    Africa in America

  13. Felix Cuvreau says:

    Yet your moronic citizens are rioting to keep police of your trains.

  14. Mike says:

    Less metro cops is the obvious answer…..if you are an animal.m

  15. naughtyotter says:

    didn’t even need to see the video….

  16. chu chu says:

    Anti knife movement starts up

  17. Timothy Trexler says:

    Just let nature take its course…Darwin was right.

  18. RB Rich says:

    Outlaw knives and other sharp objects.

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