SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There were major questions Thursday about the suspect accused of killing a library security guard in Rockland County.

Just three months ago, he was charged with attempted rape at Nyack Hospital.

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Bail was set, and it’s not clear why he was out on the street.

CBS2’s Tony Aiello spoke exclusively with the woman attacked in November.

“In the middle of the night he came, attacked me, tried to rape me, molested me. Good thing I was able to somehow fight him off,” the woman said.

It happened on Nov. 9 at Nyack Hospital, where both the victim and the suspect were receiving in-patient services.

The 20-something victim told police about a frightening assault in her hospital room.

According to the police accusatory, Blanchard Glaudin “held her down by the throat and told her, ‘Shut up and do not scream. Pull down your pants.'”

“He choked you?” Aiello asked.

“He choked me, yeah. I had scratch marks all over my neck. I had a bite mark on my side,” the woman said.

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Orangetown Police charged the suspect under the name Gaudin Blanchard. His actual name is now said to be Blanchard Glaudin.

At some point, a judge set bail at $100,000. But in the last week of December, Glaudin was released from jail.

Sources said he spent additional time in Nyack Hospital in January, but then was discharged onto the street.

On Tuesday, Glaudin allegedly used a kitchen knife to murder beloved library security officer Sandra Wilson in Spring Valley. Her brother, Ronnie, was understandably in anguish and full of questions.

“I’m deeply disturbed and I’m definitely looking for answers as to why did this happen, how it happened, why did they let him out? We need to figure out a way that we can stop this from happening again,” he said.

On a video posted to YouTube, the suspect talks about hearing voices and not taking his medications.

The woman he allegedly tried to rape at the hospital said she can’t believe how this has all played out.

“Somehow he was, like, allowed to roam the streets. And now he attacks someone else and murdered them. That could have been me, that could have been anyone else, and I’m so sorry to the family that this happened to,” she said.

Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh is promising a full review of documents and the circumstances surrounding the handling of the earlier attempted rape charge.

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Meanwhile, the family of Sandra Wilson is preparing to bury her next week. The library has launched a GoFundMe page to help raise money.