NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reigniting his push to legalize marijuana in New York.

Yesterday, Cuomo announced he will be visiting Massachusetts, Illinois and California or Colorado.

The governor plans to meet with their teams to discuss what has and has not worked in their legal cannabis programs.

“We want a goal of social equity, we want to make sure young people can’t get it, etc., we want to make sure its has advantages to communities that have been oppressed,” he said.

Cuomo added he wants a bill passed as part of his state budget, which is due on April 1.

He previously held a joint summit with New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, who are also fighting for legalization.

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  1. AlienWired says:

    This is all a big show for nothing. Last year the NYS Health Department did a state “listening tour”, they then gave Cuomo a large list of recommendations…

    Cuomo then threw out the list and made proposals that went totally against everything the NYS Health Department recommended, in every possible way.

  2. praxis says:

    Good job Governor. We need NY to legalize because it will be a nail in the prohibitionists coffin and will be the end of propagandists like Kevin Sabat. It will also, undoubtedly, make it abundantly clear, that Federal prohibition must end, and will encourage the FED’s to get off their butts and make legalization happen at the Federal level

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