NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Police are searching for a group of suspects accused in a violent gang assault and robbery of a 15-year-old girl in Brooklyn.

Investigators believe this was a retaliation attack for another incident that took place earlier. Police have not said what the earlier incident was about.

The brutal assault was caught on camera shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday on Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights.

Suspects in the crowd take turns stomping on her, kicking her, taking her sneakers, phone and debit card.

Watch: Brutal Gang Attack Caught On Video

“For so many kids to jump on one individual, it’s just ridiculous,” said Carlita Gorden, who works at a nearby salon and came to the scene when she heard screaming.

“Her book bag, she was grabbing on her book bag. No shoes, just sitting on the floor with no shoes,” Gorden added. “Then you see the little one holding her sneakers, running away. Come one, it’s sad. We have to do better as a community. We have to do better as people in general. That this little girl could’ve lost her life, it’s really sad.”

The chaos took place right in front of an electronics store owned by Anita Peavy, who says she quickly brought down the gate and went outside, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported.

“I didn’t need no trouble. I [was] scared the kids [would] come in here and just go crazy the way they was going crazy out there,” Peavy said. “I have never witnessed nothing like that yet in my life… To see such a small kid just dropping on one kid, it was crazy.”

Peavy – a registered nurse – then went to see if she could help the victim.

“She was bleeding like crazy,” Peavy said. “We just tried to keep her calm and sitting there until the ambulance come.”

The victim is being treated at the hospital for bruising and swelling to her face and body.

Longtime community activist Tony Herbert says the victim is his cousin.

“She’s traumatized right now. She’s in a bit of pain,” he said. “[Her] mom is just devastated right now to think that she sent her daughter to go to school to turn around and hear that she was a victim of an assault in the very city that she spent her life in.”

Police say five suspects turned themselves in Friday. All five are minors.

They’re still looking for the remaining suspects.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams condemned the attack.

Recently, the NYPD assigned more than 300 officers to serve as youth coordinators to crack down on crimes where offenders are younger than 18 years old.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or 1-888-57-PISTA (74782) for Spanish. You can also submit a tip via the Crime Stoppers website, by tweeting @NYPDTips or by texting 274637.

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  1. ChuckleheadMcNugget says:

    Three of them start the attack, and then like animals, 20 more come from all corners. They see one of their own being violent, and they just have to chip in.

    Wall off the Dem cities and don’t let anyone in or out. Ever.

    1. Oveida Sinclair says:

      And just look at them, all /Vigletoids too, more of Obama’s children at play

      1. Dee says:

        Obama has nothing to do with this !

        1. Mothra says:

          That reference went right over your head, is it cold in that cave?

        2. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

          Well, the left blames Trump for every act of “hate”…….

          1. muneshadowe says:

            Looks like barry had many son’s

        3. canes58 says:

          he calls them his children. that is what he said! actually this shows what 5 decades of a dem vote and their community got them!

      2. Bite me says:

        More like the rotten violent garbage you right-wingers raise – remember you are the bullies and cowards who seem to love supporting violence against children, nazis and housing babies in cages. Find human souls now, MAGA idiots.

        1. Jan says:

          Looks like someone already did… Bend over and touch your toes…

        2. Vox Veritas says:

          Jussie? Jussie Smollett? Is that you again?

        3. Steve Hollar says:

          Wow, were you born a moron, or did you recently fall on your head?

        4. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

          Please show us the videos of gangs of people in MAGA hats assaulting people.
          Actually if you’d done any research you’d find people wearing MAGA hats are more often the VICTIMS of violence, not the perpetrators. But I guess it’s much easier to continue living on in your uninformed leftist stupor

        5. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

          And I gotta love being lectured at about “violence against children” by the folks who support abortion until birth. Get bent, hypocrite

        6. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

          BTW humans are a biological accident so we don’t have “souls.” That’s what Darwin said

      3. Achebe Masaic says:

        Do you use the same questionable verbage when the perps are hispanic? Do you blame President Obama, and not CREATURE trump? Are you part of the problem, and not the solution.

    2. Bill Thecat says:

      You misspelled “chimp”

    3. Eric Jones says:

      There is absolutely no sign of humanity on display here, it’s like a pack of wild hyenas attacking a zebra. What hope is there for any of these kids of ever being decent members of society if this is how they act now?

    4. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      Nah, just send in Snake Plissken

    5. jorilla says:

      u mean chimp in

    6. Ron says:

      The should publicly lash these boys. 100 lashes with bamboo like in Malaysia

    7. Hank Sheller says:

      As Nanci Pelosi would say, those are not “animals”, they’re all God’s children.

    8. El Bailey says:

      Yep. Just like oh,THOUSANDS of white lynch mobs, huh?

  2. TomasCruz says:

    The media always ignore the race unless the perps are white.

    1. meeester says:

      Gang related? No. Not a gang. Just seemingly well dressed “normal” “teens” doing what they do (“teens”)

    2. meeester says:

      Kind of proving that Bloomberg was right eh?

  3. nearboston says:

    Are you sure they were stomping someone? Looked more like a tribal dance from a Nat Geo show.

  4. ploome says:

    could all be Obama’s sons

  5. Jonny Gertmunger says:

    Rhymes with ‘figures’

    1. Rose Saxton says:

      Why be a coward? Just say what you really want to say.

  6. cleo48 says:

    Feral Primates

  7. DaEmph says:

    Some of these comments kill me….if these kids where white, what you say? “Oh there just letting off some steam?” or “Oh…..little Johnny is good a kid, he would NEVER do something like that.” White folks always have excuses for everything damn thing. Kids can be cruel no matter what color…

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      So show us all the stories of this happening in Scarsdale, Briarcliff Manor, Armonk etc

    2. TheJabberWocky says:

      … I spy with my little eye… something that begins with N…

    3. william says:

      ur stupid,

    4. Fred Freidberger says:

      Please share examples with the rest of the class of packs of white kids brutally beating people up. Don’t share movie clips. Don’t share scary anecdotes from the media. Show the footage. Do it. Do it right now.

        1. thecitizenseye says:

          umm what theirs only 4 their this is not comparable to the horde

          but go ahead post more

        2. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

          Here’s another (notice it comes from the same site)

          1. Learner says:

            Friend go with the overall data, not random anecdote. African American males are under 7% of the US population and commit 54% of US murder, 48% of aggravated assaults’ like this, and 73% of shootings of four or more people.

        3. Bob Tom says:

          Not even the same thing.

        4. John says:

          I think you posted the wrong video. That was 4 people in a fight arising from a dispute. It wasn’t a pack of 20 wild animals brutally and joyfully attacking and robbing someone on the street.

      1. crj says:

        No white kids don’t violently beat up other kids. They come shoot up the school and kill as many as they can.

    5. nearboston says:

      If these kids were white it would be breaking news across the solar system. They aren’t so…”Meh, not news.”

    6. bertherculesBert says:

      Get real. This is not white tribal behavior. We just had an incident in St. Louis where two cars opened gunfire upon each other on a city street, causing mayhem and the death of an innocent party. None of the folks involved were white, because white people would only be caught dead in that neighborhood.

  8. Otya Yamaguchi says:

    How come I didn’t hear about this on NPR?

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      Because they weren’t wearing MAGA hats

  9. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

    “jumped on top of her”

    Sounds like a pile on to me

  10. If reported on CNN (riiight…) it would be like this “Animated and progressive young children demonstrate their frustration with the Trump administration not paying enough attention to ethnic minority issues by inventing new pavement stomping dance, as one of them falls over in the middle”

  11. Joe Malone says:

    “Teens” means feral children of generational welfare. Why are we supposed to put up with this? Why do we have our tax dollars taken from us (or we go to prison) and have them pay for women to breed, and breed, and breed, for a paycheck? They all neglect their children. Their daughters grow up to breed, and breed, and breed, and their sons wind up out in the streets. And we’re not supposed to talk about it. We’re just supposed to pay for it and look the other way.

  12. Gordon M Wagner says:

    Feral negroes. “Teens”?

  13. jnobfan says:

    I see those damn Amish are causing trouble agagin

  14. matt says:

    those are not human beings.
    they are literally animals in a pack.
    thank you, democrat voters.

  15. Bill says:

    Celebrate diversity. All cultures are equal.

  16. Ken says:

    AOC Establishment Liberal Socialist leadership just producing an objective or mission

  17. Mark says:

    Oh look at all those white Amish kids doing harm

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      I think I saw some MAGA hats in there

  18. Load up says:

    Mayor Fidel and Governor Stalin have blood on their hands. And its only getting worse in the streets. Get a gun, learn how to use it properly and be ready to protect yourself and your family. The police can’t or won’t do it. only YOU can save yourself from being a victim. Wheres Charles Bronson when you need him?

  19. Emma Martin says:

    I hope these boys’ moms see their sons on here

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      They’re probably cheering them on

    2. Putins Agent says:

      Dey just say its racism!!

  20. Conor Mcbride says:

    Public housing and Public Education creates a group think, pack animal mentality. Public Apartments should be banned. This is the outcome. When people live in individual homes viruses have less potential to spread. Both the actual and the social behavioral kind of viruses. You don’t see this behavior in rural areas and far less in the suburbs, regardless of race.

  21. The Truth says:

    Animals, F&#&#^ ANIMALS. They want reparations? They deserve 10 years in jail. Punks.

  22. I grew up in south Chicago in the 1960s, the jungle bunnies were doing the same thing 6 decades ago, nothing has changed.

  23. Kurt M says:

    just some kiddies acting up. I am sure they are very nice in school and at home to grandma. Sorry papa is in jail and can’t be with them.

  24. Bill says:

    I’m sitting here fearing for my safety and the safety of my family, as we celebrate diversity.

  25. ChrisGC says:

    This was not a “group of teens” at all!! Nor is it funny any longer to say things like “Looks like those Amish kids are acting out again! This was a group of feral punks and we all know what their ethnicity is from the video. It is always the same type of people doing this. It has become so stereotypical and common that even when the news media doesn’t identify these animals ethnicity, we all know who/what did it anyway!!
    As best I could tell and count, it looked like 17 o 18 of them attacked this girl, and I don’t care what reason they think they had!! This needs to be stopped, by any means necessary!!!

  26. Mathew Manhorne says:

    Media Code words yet again….”Teens”, “Youths”, “Young People” , “Mob”….. ..

  27. Mitchell Hatley says:

    this is clearly a problem caused by the ….. (insert snowflake comment here)

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:


  28. Joe Lucido says:

    Predators, need to be dealt with like predators, when a dog, a bear, or other mammal attacks a human we put them down because once they do that and get away with it, they will do it again, and again. What makes you think that any of these predators will not do this again?

    They will, and the process will repeat itself all over again. But nobody is going to be held responsible for this because we let our compassion for another human get in the way of our instincts.

    Today the victim is the one to blame because she shouldn’t have had those shoes that everyone of these thugs wanted. It’s her fault, not the fault of the jealous animals that beat her. How sick is that. That is pretty sick.

  29. Roger Dane says:

    Well, we cannot call ’em s a v a g * s. I used that to describe their behavior and the post was not allowed. See where this is going? Repeat a PC issue enough, it will be adopted.

  30. sumtingwong says:


  31. svede says:

    and they will grow up blaming others for discrimination. Even Jessie Jackson crosses the street

  32. josh says:

    clearly, this an oppressed group triggered by the color of the shoes.

    1. Yaspar Kyashred says:

      I know, I know. So much oppression. Just breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

  33. Tom says:

    Teens they said…teens.

    1. Putins Agent says:

      Good boys on their way to church.

  34. Sadie says:

    “Teens”….you knew it before you read it.

  35. Frank Muller says:

    All I saw was a bunch of bl@cks kicking and robbing someone on the ground. Do you really think they don’t do the same thing inside the school?

    1. Edward Branca says:

      I doubt that they go to school to study.

  36. Bob says:

    I pray for people that may assault me. I really don’t want to harm anyone, however if assaulted and in fear of my life I will take the assailants down with the assistance of my friends Smith & Wesson. God help the assailants.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      I like the line from “The Punisher”

      God’s gonna sit this one out

  37. Kelly Laraia says:

    No fathers in the home, so they turn to the street culture.

    1. Putins Agent says:

      Yeah, that’s the reason👌🏻

  38. carcar jinks says:

    eric holder’s knockout game

  39. Olie Hanson says:

    Did I see some of those predators wearing fully automatic assault Nikes?

  40. kbworkman says:

    What a zoo. What started it? Looks like some of them came running with no idea what was going on, just to get a stomp or punch in.

    What kind of… people do things like that?

    1. slappy says:

      not what I would call people.

  41. John McBride says:

    I couldn’t tell the victims race. But the race of all the predators was quite evident.

    1. sassygirl8318 says:

      Look at her hands. That should answer your question.

  42. Batman says:


  43. Ralph Davis says:

    That was just the local high school FFA club on a field trip. (Future Felons of America)

  44. Annie says:

    Bloomberg was right the first time.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      if he stuck to his convictions, maybe he might still be running for president

  45. Garrett Fricke says:


  46. astralweeks says:

    Congratulations mayor. The crime upsurge in your city is all on you and your idiotic policies towards law enforcement.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      You do know this is all by design, right?

      The more chaos there is, the more likely people will be to give up their freedom and liberty (chiefly the 2nd Amendment) for security and safety. This is why the left wants more criminals back on the streets via “bail reform.” Criminals are the left’s STORM TROOPERS

  47. Jim Hyland says:

    Human depravity is ever increasing as is world division. Could we be at the end of days? To learn more, check E Bible Fellowship.

    1. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      I would read “The Final Act” (available at before making any predictions about the end of the world

  48. Tim says:

    Who are we to judge their culture?

    1. JOE ALEXICH says:

      we live here,we have a duty to keep all people safe from these types of acts.Sanctuary city my ass.

    2. scribeofsolomon0522 says:

      I do hope that was sarcasm

  49. Mitch Haase says:

    Teens? Let’s call it what it really is. Continually referring to groups of thugs as teens is disingenuous.

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