EAST ORANGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Chances are many are wrapping up their days now working from home, a task that may not be easy, especially for those not used to it.

CBS2’s Cory James has tips on how you can overcome the challenges of working remotely. Jean-Pierre Bolline is a litigation paralegal at a corporate law firm in New York City. His days of going into an office are over for now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“Ideally I can probably do this for a few more weeks before I’m needing to get back into the office,” he says of his work-from-home setup. “We went from being a firm that was entirely in-office to being remote in a course of 24 hours.”

It was a big feat for a building filled with over 1,000 attorneys, and an even bigger feat for someone whose daily tasks were effectively executed in that space.

“When I’m in the office, things seem to take less time and things seem to be more on autopilot,” said Bolline. “Seems like a routine working for home take twice as long one and half time longer to complete.”

Many are grappling with this new norm. Some say they find it hard to balance their schedule, complete tasks and work strategically in their home environment.


Such challenges are the kinds of things New Hersey-based life coach and mental health therapist Sherry Blair has been unraveling for clients.

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“I’m getting text messages from certain people and my team as well because it’s very difficult,” she said. “They’ve thrown into this challenge.”

To overcome those obstacles, Blair says to try setting up a designated space inside your home for work.

Another tip is to create a checklist for completing assignments that can motivate you even more once you see your accomplishments.

She also says to keep a normal routine as much as possible.

“And last tip, I’d say is to find moments of positivity,” said Blair. “It’s a very stressful time right now but, in general, the more positivity, the better you are anyway.”

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Simple gratitude can be found in stepping outside for fresh air, recognizing when you’re in good health, and knowing in time this too will pass.