NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — CBS2 is continuing our series honoring the people we’ve lost to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, CBS2’s Jessica Moore honored a fun-loving grandmother and a father who took in an entire community as his own.

Bernice Caspert grew up in Brooklyn, and never lost that Brooklyn spirit, even after moving to New Jersey’s Bergen County, where she raised three children.

Her son, Ron, said she was a professional mom, who always had snacks ready after school and loved playing ball in the street with her kids.

Her license plate famously said “NO COOK…” but what she lacked in the kitchen she made up for with constant fun.

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She never bothered to look at their report cards, but always encouraged her children to do their best and be exactly who they were.

She was married to Herb for 53 years, after their first date at the 1955 World Series sealed the deal.


Bernice got sick at the end of March, when a bad fall sent her to the hospital. She was admitted on April 1, tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later, and died on April 5.

Ron sad his mom’s motto was “When you get the answer you want, stop asking questions.” He can’t do that quite yet, as he is still tormented over why she had to die alone.

Bernice Caspert leaves behind three children and eight grandchildren. She was 85 years old.

Christopher Joe

Christopher Joe’s family describes him as selfless guy, with a million dollar smile who loved making people better.

The 45-year-old and his wife, Marva, lived in Laurelton, Queens, with their four sons — 15-year-old Christian, 9-year-old Marcus, 7-year-old Caden, and 5-year-old Maxwell.

Chris was a banker who had been between jobs for about a year. He spent his free time working with youth in the community, coaching basketball and mentoring kids.

His family was his priority.

His son, Christian, said he was always there to pick him and his brothers up from school, help with their homework, and cook dinner.

Chris was a man of faith, who loved to watch Jeopardy, and debate which decade produced the best hip hop songs.

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He got sick on March 23. By March 27, he was admitted to the hospital and intubated. He died on April 3.

He leaves behind his wife and his four boys, who said his spirit will be with them every day of their lives.

Both Bernice and Chris died alone, but both leave behind lasting legacies.

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