NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Unemployment remains a major issue across the country.

Many New York and New Jersey residents are losing hope, and are out of cash.

Adam D’Aleo has listened to the New York Department of Labor’s “we are experiencing high call volume” recording more times than he can count.

“It’s embarrassing, I remember it,” D’Aleo said.

When he was laid off at the beginning of April, he filed for unemployment benefits online. Every time he logs in, he gets this notice: “To complete the claim, call the claims center.”


“It’s like calling into a radio station for, like, the 100th ticket, to be the 100th caller to get that ticket to see the concert. That’s what it is when you’re calling into the New York State Department of Labor,” D’Aleo told CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis.

He went on Twitter and got a response from the Department of Labor telling him he was put on a callback list.

“Yes, I’m waiting for this call. but I don’t even know how this call is going to go, which is also another hurdle within itself that I’m nervous for,” D’Aleo said.

Meanwhile, he’s looking for a new job. He’s among 1.4 million New Yorkers who have filed for unemployment benefits in six weeks.

The Department of Labor says it launched a new web application with Google, has dedicated more than 3,000 representatives to answer phones, and has paid over $3 billion in unemployment benefits.

CORONAVIRUS: NY Health Dept. | NY Call 1-(888)-364-3065 | NYC Health Dept. | NYC Call 311, Text COVID to 692692 | NJ COVID-19 Info Hub | NJ Call 1-(800)-222-1222 or 211, Text NJCOVID to 898211 | CT Health Dept. | CT Call 211 | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was asked about unemployment Monday, and spoke about the need for federal help.

“We’re out of money now. We are now running a $10-15 billion deficit. We’re out of money now,” Cuomo said.

People DeAngelis spoke to want more answers from Cuomo and Gov. Phil Murphy, who Monday couldn’t answer why the unemployment site went down Sunday, impacting people like Maria Matos.

“Yesterday I tried to file between 8 and 9 in the  morning. I couldn’t because the line was down. Checked every hour, the line was down all day,” said Colonia, N.J. resiednt Maria Matos.

“People can’t go six and seven weeks without money. You just simply can’t,” said Michelle Izzi.

PHOTO GALLERY: Coronavirus Shutdown 30 Days In

Izzi created a Facebook page called #NJUnemploymentPandemic to help all those in need, including herself, get some answers. She’s one of more than 850,000 New Jersey workers who have filed for unemployment since March 15.

“People have no food. People are talking about suicide,” Izzi said. “We’re literally begging you, sir, please come out of your ivory tower, come down here in the trenches with your people and actually see what’s going on, answer us.”

“This will make… this will not make anyone feel any better, but we are leagues ahead of virtually every other state. But there’s still a backlog. I know folks are still frustrated. You won’t lose one penny, I promise you, including of your federal plus,” Murphy said.

The New Jersey Labor Department has distributed $1 billion in unemployment since mid-March.

How long will people have to wait for their share? That’s the question which remains unanswered.

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  1. Dan Mccraw says:

    All your suicide does is solve my problem, just so you know.

  2. Afraid To Put REAL NAME says:

    NJ owes me almost $6,000! Been told “everything is fine” for weeks now. About to lose my mind, cant afford groceries, selling stuff on eBay just to make a few extra dollars, THANKS GUYS! Take this head of departments house away and give him no pay, so he can feel what it really feels like. I cant think straight, I am supposed to be looking for employment or getting ready to start, and I cant because I am overwhelmed with angst and anger and worry and money issues DUE TO THEM. I had a job offered but rescinded mid March when my benefits were exhausted, God damn it. Owed 1100 a week, I plan to save it all after bills as they do not know what is really to come after this, if you think this is bad wait till the ripple effect kicks in.

  3. Lynn Reynolds says:

    The forest was rapidly shrinking, but the TREES kept voting for the AX. You see, the AX was very clever. HE had convinced the TREES that because his handle was made of the same wood…..That HE was one of THEM !!!

  4. Ryan H says:

    It amazes me that people believe this is democrat vs republican. The best way to win a war is to pit people against each other and laugh as the country is divided and conquered by those in power. Is Trump currupt? Yes. Is Cuomo currupt? Absolutely.

    Why can’t “we the people” stop fighting each. Why are we acting like these people are working for our best interest, because they’re not. They’re working on their agendas. Every single one of them.

    If I hear “racist republican” or “liberal snowflake” one more time, I may lose it. I can’t believe people are not seeing this.

    This is America, we are a country full of different belief systems. Why does that make people angry? Have you ever seen a country where people are all forced to believe in the same thing? It’s called North Korea.

    Do you really want a country of all republican? or all democrat? Stop bitching and realize that opposing views are what make our country what it is. Quit putting energy in proving you’re right and put some energy into uniting this place.

  5. J Blair says:

    if people understood what is really going on, they would more than ‘want’ to commit suicide – google democide and you will get the idea. The virus is nothing to what is coming – hell on earth

  6. “…People Are Talking About Suicide’”. Not to worry. They will vote democRAT for eternity.

  7. J.C. Tokalenko says:

    I hope people don’t throw their lives away in suicide. If you’re driven THAT far, look to see WHO is doing this to you and our country, and then decide on an appropriate, no-limits course of action. Many have fought and died before us.

  8. Terry Michael says:

    Gov. Cuomo made it perfectly clear he is Ok putting millions into unemployment as long as 1 extra person doesn’t die from C19. Now in November you should decide if he is right. Funny he doesn’t care if 1000s of New Yorkers die from the Flu each year as long as one extra from C19 could occur he’s willing to fire everyone !!

    1. Jim Bob says:

      I don’t get it? Cuomo wants to KILL people by Saving people? Is this a new form of abortion?

  9. udsatx says:

    Well at least not getting your unemployment is not death. Or don’t you trust your governor?

  10. Beleave says:

    All the “stay home” aka the “shut it down” people are responsible for this. Enjoy becoming vegans and living on beans and rice. Just one month ago everything was different. What will it be like next month?

    1. Jim Bob says:

      FYI this is world wide, its not an evil conspiracy.

    2. Wes says:

      Don’t you think it’s kind of weird that one of the richest countries in the west can’t support people that they order to stay home for a couple of months during a global pandemic?

      I mean, that’s pathetic.

      The systems for paying out unemployment already exist — but are broken. The feds are stealing medical supplies that states and hospital systems bought after being told the US government isn’t in the PPE delivery business. The president is wasting his time trying to get the post office to raise its rates because he doesn’t like Jeff Bezos, and random Karens are mad that they can’t get their tips frosted.

      This is the dumbest, most selfish timeline.

      I’m just glad I have months worth of emergency fund. Not everybody is that fortunate.

  11. Uncle Squid says:

    China did this to us! They want us broke, weakened, and suicidal so they can invade without resistance. China is the enemy! Do not do business with China. Do not buy products made in China! Do not re-elect politicians who are in bed with China. Do not consume Chinese-controlled Hollywood media. Improve yourselves and make yourselves stronger. Prepare.

    1. J.C. Tokalenko says:

      China didn’t impose House Arrests on most Americans. So-called “American leaders” did.

      1. Jim Bob says:

        No China did not impose house arrest on Americans, They imposed stay at home orders on Chinese people. Just like 1/2 of the world did their populations!

    2. Jim Bob says:

      You mean like Mitch McConnel and his Chinese wife? You know her family is actually in the Chinese Communist Party.

  12. Heartland Pilgrim says:

    When it “boils over” and the people put an end to the wanna-be rulers dictatorial edicts, the politicians will stand back and wonder who the heck the ‘people’ think they are to question their rule. The would-be rulers will send out their police and National Guard to suppress any defiance to their self-made laws and then things will really get fun. History repeats itself. I am just an observer of history and see an old trend repeating itself.

  13. Whisperin Pints says:

    All blame lies at the feet of CHINA.

  14. Barb says:

    California is no better. No human on the telephone. My one son didn’t get denied. His claim is zero though. Can’t get a human to find out anything.

    1. oliver w homey says:

      Barb, don’t worry, he will get it as soon as the money for the illegals is all spent first and then the governor and find an illegal to fill the jobs.

  15. Oliver W Homey says:

    I notice all those that advocate protracted stay at home orders and business closures are still getting paychecks.

    1. J.C. Tokalenko says:

      This is warfare against the middle class and working poor. By the elite. Like Nipples Cuomo.

      1. Jim Bob says:

        If Trump didn’t tell the Governors to issue Stay at Home Orders I might almost go for your crazy conspiracy.

  16. Tom Menino says:

    Unemployment is funded by the Feds but managed and implemented by the States. If the process is screwed up, it is your local State government to blame. Let them know you are unhappy!

    1. R.d. Holland says:

      Actually that’s not quite true. The Congress did pass a bill to give extra unemployment benefits ($600 for 4 weeks) as a supplement. And, that is administered by the states. But, as usual, normal unemployment benefits are the purview of each state.

      1. ttmfrc says:

        First, using the retort “Actually” indicates argumentative weakness, as if the argument is now over since you lead with the word “Actually”. Then, after you said he’s wrong, you confirm his point. Wierd.

  17. Daryl Reece says:

    This is government at work! A lumbering bureaucracy unable to respond to people in need. Hold your governor accountable. He shutdown your job based on panic models and was not setup to respond to the needs HE created. By hold accountable, I mean vote him and all his cronies out of office!

    1. Bob Smith says:

      When will you all believe that the cure is worse than the disease?

      1. Al M Southall says:

        Ignorance at its best. Stupid is stupid.

  18. hugo says:

    CORRUPT DEMOCRATS in charge, so what do you expect. For all you Bernie Bros, this is big government in action, or inaction.
    Lesson learned count on yourself. Bureaucrats sit on their butt, do about 2 hrs of work a day if they show up at all with 20 paid holidays, & 25 sick days. They can’t get fired, and are just waiting for retirement at 55 with a 70% cola adjusted pension.
    Meanwhile Corrupt DEMOCRAT Pols like the Gov of Michigan hand over no bid contracts to friends and family.
    Government IS THE PROBLEM, not the solution,

    1. Jim Bob says:

      Yeah its all a Democrat Conspiracy to take down our Elected Leader, Donald Trump. The Dems got most of Europe, most of Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, even parts of Africa involved in the sham. 100’s of Countries around the world imposed restriction on their citizens and it was all part of Democrat Conspiracy to ruin the worlds economy just to make Trump look bad!

  19. Mark Lemmon says:

    Not to worry, the Fed has endless digital dollars to make the pain go away… As every liberal knows, you can get something from nothing because big brother is their sugar daddy…

  20. matismf says:

    What seems to be the problem, as long as they are hive dwellers???

  21. Louise says:

    Too many people in the world. Depopulate now and without apology!

    1. Carlin Pitts says:

      You first!

  22. wjm980 says:

    Those that are unemployed now, and are complaining about their payments taking too long, will really have something to complain about in a few months, when they’re still unemployed, and there is no social net for them then.

  23. ED says:

    Trumpies are pure human garbage, they will pay when this is over.

    1. George_Orwell says:

      This is all on the Democrats. Sorry your hatred is blinding you.

    2. fee says:

      Unemployment payments are managed by the states. They were not prepared to handle that much applications at once. Pres Trump does not run your state. Your governor does.

    3. Chuck Shick says:

      The real problem is that the people have been turned against one another very effectively.

      1. Carlin Pitts says:

        Correct. The politicians keep us fighting each other so we won’t hang them from lamp posts.

    4. Brother Dale says:

      Ed, This is all on the Democrats, Anthony Fauci, the Scarf Lady (Birx) and their stupid models which were WRONG every single time. Trump is also at fault for listening to these buffoons, and endangering our entire country with this unwarranted shutdown. The ONLY country that remained SANE through all this is Sweden which did NOT shut down and is faring WAY better than any other European country. As always, our government solution is “ONE SIZE FITS ALL.” In other words, whatever was done in NYC, had to be carried out as well in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Alaska, etc. If I fault Trump for anything, it’s for continuing to follow the advice of Anthony Fauci who is a “loony tune” and loves all the face time on TV.

      1. Bailey Moad says:

        Brother, you couldn’t have said it better. At first I was in disbelief as I watched the country unravel. That quickly turned to anger and I’m not past that stage yet.

      2. Jim Bob says:

        OHH! So the Dems got the rest of the world on board with them? Fauci is a looney toon? What about the Thousands of Doctors around the world that agree with him? Are they all on in the conspiracy to ruin the world with the DEMS? How did the evil Dems get the Whole World on board with this? They even got Trump to tell the Governors to issue stay at home orders. If the Dems are the ultimate evil, always lie, and want to ruin the world as Fox and Trump tell us, then why did Trump listen to them?

    5. oliver w homey says:

      Wow, some of these losers are still upset because the lying bit*h lost. But look at it this way, this all happened with the best economy you will ever see in your life. Imagine if she had won and we still had the worst recovery in history moving forward or even worse. it would be really bad. Yet people still vote for the flag burning baby killing liberals. amazing.

      1. Jim Bob says:

        Strange that the baby killers want to take away your guns. Strange that the liberals are the real racists but are against the muslim ban and want to give everything to illegal mexicans. WAKE UP!

  24. Trace says:

    AOC & her squad have to be thinking that socialism is irrevocably flawed when taxing all the billionaires in NY couldn’t keep NY afloat for more than a few months for just unemployment. (Of course, AOC doesn’t think, she just spouts nonsense.)

  25. LA_Nukka says:

    People need to be self-sufficient. Save your money for a rainy day….grow gardens…have a yard…find a river/lake/stream that has fish. You dont need to rely on the government or a grocery store for survival. Common sense.

    1. sunny says:

      lmao because everyone has a nice large back yard to plant a garden, right next to a river or stream.. and lots of money left over after every paycheck to put aside for savings.

      newsflash: lots of people live in apartments, in cities, and recent estimates have shown that 70% of americans live paycheck to paycheck. i cant even with this lol.

      1. Thinkforonce says:

        He’s trying to tell you how to avoid being the pathetic, city dwelling helpless whining loser you are – but we can see you’re very comfortable being a tick in situ

        1. John Potseed says:

          LOL and the city elites cast an ugly eye at middle and rural America. Their politicians do not care about them they should have learned that years ago. Maybe if they get more pain they will vote out career politicians and realize they are on their own. Anyone who’s been in a real disaster before knows they are on their own. Plenty of fish in our private lakes and small and a large game all around the mountains. Enough ammo to eat for a very long time if needed.

  26. Jennifer W says:

    This situation is happening across America. The states are incapable of handling the demand. Texas has been hit by the COVID-19 virus & then the collapse of the energy business. You can’t even get a recorded message. You get a busy signal or notification that the lines are overloaded. Frankly, I don’t think they have money available. This only underscores that you can never rely on government to help you. Folks, we’re all on our own.

  27. Jim W says:

    The Demokratz are claiming that POTUS Trump will cancel the November National election; however, the only elections, being cancelled, are the Demokratik Primaries.
    Governor Cuomo and the NYC Mayor, allowed the State and City run out of PPE and, now, money! Somehow, the Demokratz, and the Lamestream Media, seem to believe that this is POTUS Trump’s problem.
    They are not happy with what the POTUS is doing; therefore, as Nancy, Antoinette Pelosi say, “Let them eat Ice Cream!

    1. PT Latham says:

      Was Nancy really getting plastic surgery on her ‘vacation’ – AGAIN?
      Hope she visited the dentist too!

      1. trumpet finder says:

        Need some tissues after you finish this circle jerk, trumpets👌

        1. EuraLoser says:

          Wow you’ve peaked intellectually, how embarrassing for you.

  28. J Ree says:

    Will anyone remember this come election time…?

  29. Dan Miller says:

    Just like clockwork New York’s emergency became Trumps problem through some mysterious mechanism of media magic, by which everything bad is blamed on the Republican president, while Cuomo,Blasio and other Democratic officials are always blameless.

  30. WINFORD SAMPLE says:

    All you will get is lips service from Cuomo and especially DeBlasio.

  31. James says:

    Meanwhile ALL the politicians, on both sides, continue to feed the same drivel of us being helped. Unemployment seekers by the millions cannot get through. Small businesses by the millions cannot even get $5k in emergency lending, yet massive corporations get billions.

    Renters cannot pay rent, which in turn makes landlords unable to pay mortgages, taxes and insurance. Banks are destroying years of work by people building up their credit score, as well as cutting help to literally everyone that needs it.

    All the while, these government workers are guaranteed paychecks and pensions no matter what happens or if they go to work.

  32. Lucas Taylor says:

    It sounds counter intuitive, but more funding is the answer in cases like this. If the unemployment call center at the DoL was backlogged BEFORE the pandemic due to staffing and funding issues, why on God’s green earth would it be the same, or better now?

  33. Earl says:

    I was involved with the Haitian exodus when Bill Clinton was prez. This is 10X worse. No one in the state or federal Capitol has a clue.

  34. Sam Alecto says:

    The situation is far more dire and the inept governor doesn’t care. tens of thousands unemployed and they have paid less than 23% of the unemployment claims

  35. Martin says:

    I have liberal friends who are unemployed broke and desperate yet they still support the shutdown. Amazing.

    1. Jeff Epstein says:

      I have conservative friends who won’t use their AR-15 to fight for healthcare, school, or stop sending their friends to die for an oil barrel. But they will use it to protest for their right to be gang banged by global pedophile capitalists. Here I fixed it for ya, you industrial military complex rent boy.

      1. Laughing@you says:

        Don;t worry with hard work you might reach halfwit some day – keep flailing

        1. Jeff Epstein says:

          80% of the country lives paycheck to paycheck. So many lazy bums, huh?
          United States was exposed for what it is – a corporatist fascist sh**hole.
          Enjoy being pegged by Donny, Nancy, Billy and Barry, you brave man.

      2. oliver w homey says:

        Jeff what do you want to use an AR15 on a school for? There is no problem with education in this country that the libs can’t screw up even more so this might be a good thing. But I am not sure we send anyone off to fight for a barrel of oil, in case you missed it, we have produced more than enough to self sustain, for a long time, so get with the century. But the point I really take exception to on your comment was the fact anyone like you can actually have friends.

  36. cleo48 says:

    The only way though this is to get free of lockdowns and destroy the Demo-Marxist party.

  37. Chuck says:

    Funny thing about voting for useless bureaucrats. You get useless bureaucrats.

  38. Marty Willowbee says:

    And people want the Government to be MORE Socialist? GOD ALMIGHTY.

  39. Sanityisrare says:

    Suicide? Really? There is help….call local churches and Food Banks…most are taking calls and giving out food. Friends, relatives…God will help you…

    1. Varan the Unbelievable says:

      No, God won’t help you. If you say He can fix it, then a) why doesn’t he, and b) why did he let it happen in the first place??

      About the food, I lost two jobs and have been getting a lot of food that the city is handing out. But let’s be real, most of it is not good and not healthy. Much is sugary. I stick with fruit and peanut butter sandwiches. I’d rather have a job and get my own food.

      1. Really??? says:

        Then get packing you mooch – move somewhere else and get productive and shut up

  40. dave Hill says:

    Will the Zombie TV watchers ever realize their politicians and unionized government employees are a top to bottom destroying this nation with the aid of China[ look up lobby money] from with in.

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