NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — We continue to pay tribute to those we’ve lost to COVID-19.

On Monday, CBS2’s Cindy Hsu told the story of a mother dedicated to helping children, and a lawyer fighting for those in need.

Ronald Stone

Ronald Stone grew up on Long Island. He loved books and became a published writer, but ended up turning to constitutional and environmental law. His daughter, Joanna, said he devoted most of his time to providing pro bono legal services to those who needed it most.

His first job out of law school was with the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies. He also set up an office at St. Mark’s Church in Harlem to give free legal help.

Stone passed away from coronavirus on April 7. His family had been planning a big 80th birthday celebration at a jazz festival. Jazz music was one of his passions, as were his grandchildren. Evie said, “Grandpa gave me so many compliments, it was impossible for me to think anything but good about myself.” Danya added, “The stars will sparkle a little bit more, because he’s watching over us, finally not in pain, finally at peace.”


Magda Napoleoni

Magda Napoleoni was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Brooklyn as a child. She was a paraprofessional at P.S. 298 in Brownsville, assisting kids who needed help.

Edwin, her husband of more than 30 years, said she had a special connection to children. Her son, Edwin Jr. had learning disabilities. He said his mom became such a strong advocate for services he needed, everyone encouraged her to work with young students. She went back to school, and graduated from Touro College with a degree in early childhood education at age 44.

On April 10, she died from COVID-19 at 54. Magda adored her granddaughter, Hailey, and her dog, Toby, and both her children said their mom was their best friend.

We honor two people who fought for those in need.

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