STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said the reopening of New York will be a tri-state effort, but Connecticut and New Jersey could reopen sooner and in different ways.

Vito Derario owns ZaZa Italian Gastrobar on Broad Street in Stamford, Connecticut, and he’s scrambling to get his workers ready for customers who, as early as May 20, could get more than deliveries and take-out. They might get to once again dine on the property.

“We follow the guidelines,” Derario said. “It’s going to be a little bit tricky.”

Barring an unexpected jump in the coronavirus numbers, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said he green lights four business sectors: restaurants, personal services including salons, retail and offices.

For Connecticut restaurants, it means 50% capacity with outdoor dining only, tables set up six feet apart, menus that are digital or on chalkboards, and workers wearing masks and gloves.

“We have to do what we have to do for survival,” Derario said.


Different northeast states are reopening in different ways. That could include New Jersey, with beaches open by Memorial Day.

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“You have a cooperative regional approach. Does that change at all if Connecticut on the 20th has restaurants open so that Stanford is open but White Plains is not, and if in New Jersey, you got some of the beaches open?” CBS2’s Dave Carlin asked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“That’s not my decision, but their actions make sense to me and we will coordinate with that,” Cuomo said. “We talk through everything.”

Could the approach create a flood of New Yorkers heading to states that are opening earlier?

“We can’t align every action, but we’re aware of it and we’re monitoring it,” Carlin said.

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“It does concern me that the tri-state area is opening but not New York City,” Midtown resident Lauren Bendheim said.

It’s clear some people will travel long distances to get a haircut or dine in a restaurant but Cuomo says there are remedies for that.

“Be ready to adjust, be ready to move,” Cuomo said.

And by move, he means shut it all back down if you have to.

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  1. Dennis Middlebrooks says:

    “Be ready to adjust., be ready to move.” Right, Andrew, millions of New Yorkers and thousands of New York businesses will be adjusting by moving the hell out of New York.

  2. Louis C Yeostros says:

    Glad to hear Lamont bucked Cuomo’s imperial tendencies. He did what was right for CT. Hoefully Wolfe will do the same

  3. CYRUS says:

    We have to insure effective oversight of these businesses to make sure that they are practicing and enforcing social distancing guidelines at all times while there is a pandemic for the sake of both their employees and customers, and inevitably the public at large. It only takes a few businesses letting in crowds and not effectively enforcing social distancing to create a rebound. My main fear is that there will not be enough oversight.

    1. CYRUS says:

      We also have to insure that those businesses have cooperative and timely law enforcement backup since there are a number of people out there who will go to these businesses and openly defy these guidelines due to some political agenda, or irrational set of beliefs. These businesses cannot be expected to deal with these individuals by themselves in most instances particularly if they become confrontational.

  4. Joe says:

    Cuomo is an idiot, you can open certain businesses like barbers, hair & nail salons, gyms, restaurants. You just limit the amount of people who can come in and have everyone wear masks. By doing this you get people back to work and have people feel better about themselves. There is more of a danger that the inmates who idiot Cuomo released from prison will attack and slash someone. Thats more of a danger than the virus!!!

    1. Jason Robert says:

      I for one do not think masks work. Others have discredited them. They give you maybe 1% extra in protection. certainly social distancing does nothing. They claim masks are suppose to be used if you can’t properly social distance, well shouldn’t we be allowed to be in large groups then. You can’t avoid bacteria, plus your body needs it. Cuomo doesn’t know what he is doing. I mean he was mixing covid patients with the eldery.

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