MANHASSET, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — CBS2 has learned some of the same international flights that have long been blamed for causing coronavirus to explode in our area are still operating.

So what are public officials doing to prevent another outbreak? CBS2’s Lisa Rozner demanded answers on Tuesday.

Pictures from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show officers in masks and gloves screening international travelers in mid-March.

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Data from shows in the last two weeks international flights to Newark Liberty Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport have arrived from China, South Korea, and much of Europe, including the United Kingdom and Italy.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has regularly blamed the virus coming to New York on air travel.

“Three million European visitors came on flights to JFK or Newark, so that’s another lesson we have to learn,” Cuomo said recently.

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On Tuesday, CBS2 demanded answers from the governor, asking what is that lesson?

“What is being done now to screen those travelers? What is the step-by-step process?” Rozner asked.

“That’s the federal government, that’s Border and Customs control,” Cuomo responded.

“But is there any coordination?” Rozner asked.

“There is coordination, but they determine who comes, who doesn’t come, is purely federal, and they determine what procedures and practices are in place,” Cuomo replied.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection declined CBS2’s request for an on-camera interview. A spokesperson referred all of our questions to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Both agencies would only say there is an “enhanced entry screening,” adding the passenger is asked about medical history, current condition, and some are having their temperature taken.

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It’s not clear how many travelers have had their temperature taken, or how the feds select those passengers.

One woman who traveled to Newark from Albania via Switzerland was one of them.

“They were very specific about how we need to do two-week quarantine,” the woman told Rozner.

“I haven’t seen anybody being screened for anything,” traveler Joe Horvath said.

Customs said state and local officials are ensuring compliance, but New Jersey and New York health officials acknowledge they are not tracking travelers once they land.

“So how do you make sure they stay quarantined for 14 days?” Rozner asked Cuomo.

“It’s not a state role,” the governor reiterated.

But it could become the state’s problem as airlines increase international flights.

Efforts to curb COVID-19 appear much stronger by airlines overseas, like in Dubai, where rapid testing is available before boarding, and Korea, where a health screening certificate is required before you fly.

Only time will tell if those kinds of measures will be taken when people land on U.S. soil.

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  1. Diva Dee says:

    I can’t WAIT for mid-June to roll around. We’ll see if Cuomo actually reopens NYC, or if he has some other excuse not to. And there’s just way too many people complacent with this whole “Stay at home” business. Like, seriously, you think it’s cool for us to just “go on” this way indefinitely? You better take which ever one of them pills that boost your immune systems and get your behinds back in gear! This is not helping us, but HURTING us! OPEN YOUR EYES!

  2. craig eliot says:

    These people are not being put into any verifiable quarantine! It’s an outrage!

  3. Zorch says:

    There are only a few flights from the Far East . It should be pretty easy to check these folks when they arrive.. US citizens are likely to be passengers too.

  4. Andrew Stoy says:


  5. we are winning says:

    Adjusted for population differences, the deaths in the US are about 2.4 times greater than those in the Philippines

  6. Bob J says:

    why are we, the united states, allowing direct flights from china to land here without any type of inspection of or given medical records of the passengers?
    Why are they not quarantined?

  7. Warrior of GOD says:

    Why are we allowing anything from China…..WHY? We should be nuking that country!

    1. Badger76 says:

      Your cave beckons you.

  8. XX says:

    Can a journalist ask Governor Cuomo why he is lying, Cuomo himself issued a quarantine for any medical nurses who came into contact with ebola patients in 2014, he did this against the advice of the Obama administration, so yes Governor Cuomo does have the power to screen and quarantine airline passengers from China and Europe and contrary to what Cuomo said two weeks ago, we did know Coronavirus was a problem in Italy and Europe in February but Cuomo failed to act and now he is getting away with lies:

    1. sam says:

      85% of all American coronavirus deaths happened in Democrat states, because they’re scamming taxpayers for the Medicare money.

      1. Tony Tads says:

        this what I heard. if a ventilator is used 17k combined with the virus total 38k from the government. check death rates of cancers , heart disease, Alzheimer the regular flu
        which kill 20k a year.
        the virus has cured them all.

  9. Del Natise says:

    Why the Hell are ANY flights being permitted from the ChiComs and rest of Asia!!!????

  10. blogsog says:

    So the Chicoms have not been banned? What?

  11. Issachar says:

    “The borrower shall be slave to the lender”–God, via King Solomon

    Blue state governments are employing same tactics as the Chinese use against their own citizens. Think about it. Why is that?

  12. Gary Donner says:

    If I hear Cuomo’s arrogant, nasal, New York York accent again, I’m gonna ralph. What a fraud!

  13. Rich Pope says:

    Cuomo is a fake! Pushing the blame on the federal government is just a coward’s reply. I hope New York explodes with Covid-19 and all the blame falls on Cuomo.

    1. What is wrong with you Rich? Are you seriously wishing a deadly disease on people, because you don’t like their politics? How about finding your humanity, and not being a total troll? I realize that you get worked up over politics…. But seriously???? We are all humans. You shouldn’t be wishing this disease, or any disease for that matter, on anyone. Be a human, before a Republican Rich.

  14. Dan Miller says:

    New York’s emergency became Trumps problem through some mysterious mechanism of media magic, by which everything bad is blamed on the Republican president, while Cuomo,Blasio and other Democratic officials are always blameless.

  15. Ricky says:


  16. Bill Smith says:

    Incompetent Trump and his disastrous administration sill hasnt stopped flight, has no testing in place for incoming travellers. This orange idiot is going to kill us all

    1. Dale says:

      Yeah, Trump is supposed to know every detail of everything that is occurring in this country. When all fails, blame Trump!

    2. Erik says:

      If you want to blame anyone blame the CDC and WHO. For the last 30 years their job has been to prepare for the next big pandemic and come up with a strategy. Its BLATANTLY obvious that they put EVERY SINGLE EGG in the FLU basket. Coronavirus is a COLD, it has a LONG incubation period and its infection period exceeds 21 days. CDC has known for 20 years a 6ft rule is bull since a cough and sneeze travels more than 23 feet. Shelter in place only works well for short-lived virus like the flu. A FLU has a 3-5 day incubation period, you do not have asymptomatic carriers, and it only lasts 7-8 days. Lockdowns are good strategies for the FLU. They are not doing much for this virus. People are catching it just having groceries delivered. It lives on everything. But no, the CDC keeps pulling out graphs about a 1918 FLU virus telling us exactly how a brand new COLD virus is going to behave. They even keep insisting there is going to be a second wave in october and its going to mutate to be worse. Why? Do they have a crystal ball? No, once again they are looking at a 1918 FLU statistic. Thats like saying you are likely to go nuts and rob a grocery store because 20 years ago some other person, you was also a human, also went nuts and robbed a grocery store. Its INSANE. Almost any epedimiologist will tell you that usuallly virus mutate to become less deadly, so that they can survive. They offer no scientific evidence to support this mutate more deadly claim, they just keep going back to 1918 and how that FLU mutated to become worse, in OCTOBER. Overpaid morons. Fire them all. Theyve been taking our money for 30 years and not ONE of them wrote a response plan for a weaponized version of the cold? Thats not a far fetched scenario people.

      Taking temperatures is useless as tits on a bull. How many times have they told us people are asymptomatic and can spread the virus. Asymptomatic means NO FEVER! You want to curb the influx? MANDATORY 10 day quarantine, under LOCKDOWN, not at your house, for ANYONE flying in from anywhere. After which time you must past TWO rapid covid tests, 3 days apart.

  17. katzenbacker says:

    I flew in from Beijing to LAX on Feb 1st and was not asked a single questions by customs about the virus or my health. I never have witnessed security being so lax entering the USA until this pandemic.

  18. Patrick Stone says:

    non essential flights from china were stopped but not essential so this is more fake news misinformation. And those people face screening Notice the headline in regard to china is not qualified in depth in the article. typical of fake news hype and fear to sell stories. CBS … yes it certainly is cBS

  19. Brian Thompson says:

    Not the state’s responsibility to track? In Texas, you self quarantine and they stop by daily to check if you come on a flight from a flagged location.

  20. lthacker28shackman28 says:

    Terrible article. Written to scare, not to provide facts.

  21. Stacy Applebee says:

    I’m from the government, and I’m here to help…

    1. Diva Dee says:

      I can’t WAIT for mid-June to roll around. We’ll see if Cuomo actually reopens NYC, or if he has some other excuse not to. And there’s just way too many people complacent with this whole “Stay at home” business. Like, seriously, you think it’s cool for us to just “go on” this way indefinitely? You better take which ever one of them pills that boost your immune systems and get your behinds back in gear! This is not helping us, but HURTING us! OPEN YOUR EYES!

  22. Paul Gaudet says:

    Am I imagining things or does Cuomo sound like he is on some heavy meds, or mentally ill?? WHY in the world are planes allowed to land in the USA from Red China???

  23. Kee Emosabe says:

    That’s funny. The US is the world’s hotspot. So, Other countries should be restricting flights from the US. That might help the US more…by limiting long flights, results in fewer travelers infected.

  24. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    The Torii Plans appeal to the Left and Right. It is expected.

  25. Dennis Torii Jr. says:

    THE ONLY GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESCUE PLAN or Global Bailout. Please read, we’ve got nothin’.
    The nations around the world will collapse financially soon, as well as our own
    No one is going to buy our enormous debt, nor will they be able to. They will be in the same boat.
    Yes, this is the Apocalypse and The Torii Plans are made for it. My name comes off soon.
    Ten “Americas” that can print money for three years to stabilize while they switch to One World Dollar.
    The “Americas” each create 100 year bonds to pay it back over the next century.
    Each nation will own 10 % of the bonds from the remaining nine nations.
    New America and The Global Republic.
    Transparent and free with vaccines we can trust. Check-mate. Unifying plans 100%.
    Armies of the world now know all, and that this is how they will eventually have to be paid when the global financial house of cards collapses. Former DHS fed who loves Left and Right. The sooner the better before the suffering increases. Too much damage already done. Don’t wait till it is too late.

    1. Kee Emosabe says:

      Yes. the sky is falling. Can you outsmart and then beat the whole system, or drive ourselves crazy? I guess normal people will just go with the flow, likely not join your militia to go the way of David Koresh. I’ll take the other route, Thank you. I’m not a fan of the Know-It-All Messiah-aniacs.,

  26. D John Purcell Purcell says:

    Families shouldn’t be allowed to return home to the US and airlines should be destroyed forever…that’ll fix this pandemic…won’t it?

  27. Patrick Stewart says:

    Geee wiz, why is NYC a hot spot for this virus? Cuomo your hero says its not his job….

    1. D John Purcell Purcell says:

      Cuomo says their nursing homes off the best care.

  28. Hans Stoll says:

    why the EFF would we still be taking flights from China ….?!?!

    1. John Hendren says:

      More fake news.. ho hum

  29. Javier Perez says:

    Damned those Europeans!
    They’re ruining America!

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