NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced what he calls his “Say Their Name” agenda to reform policing in New York State.

Mr. [George] Floyd’s murder was the breaking point of a long list of deaths that were unnecessary and which were abusive,” the governor said Friday. “That is a fact, and people are saying ‘enough is enough.’”

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Cuomo said New York should lead the charge “as the progressive capital,” and he expects the plan to be passed next week.

The agenda calls for:

  • Transparency of police officers’ prior disciplinary records, ending 50-a
  • No chokeholds
  • False race-based 911 reports should be classified a hate crime
  • Attorney general made independent prosecutor for police murders
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“Reform works for everyone’s interest here. Stopping police abuse vindicates the overwhelming majority – 99.9% – of police who are there to do the right thing and do do the right thing every day,” said the governor. “It restores the confidence, the respect and the trust that you need to make this relationship work.”

WATCH: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces ‘Say Their Name’ Agenda

During his daily briefing, Cuomo also played a video that shows Buffalo police officers shove a 75-year-old man who hits his head on the pavement, saying it made him sick to his stomach.

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He also said he supports Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s decision to continue the curfew in New York City, because things have gotten better in terms of looting, despite reports of excessive force against protesters.