NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York City will paint “Black Lives Matter” on prominent streets in all five boroughs.

The message will be painted first on a street near City Hall, and then other locations in other boroughs in the days to come, the mayor said.

“A proposal put on the table was to name streets in each borough and to paint the words on the streets of this city. In each borough, at a crucial location,” de Blasio said. “What will be clear in the street name and on the streets of our city is that message that now our city must fully, fully, deeply feel – and this nation must as well – that Black Lives Matter.”

Web Extra: See the mayor’s 6/9 presentation slides (.pdf)

The move comes after the mayor of Washington D.C. had “Black Lives Matter” painted on a street in huge letters near the White House.

WATCH: Mayor Bill de Blasio Gives Daily Update

The mayor again said the move to take money from the NYPD and apply it to youth initiatives will be finalized in the coming weeks.

De Blasio said that he supports four bills being considered by the City Council: A ban on chokeholds, a bill affirming people’s right to record their interactions with the NYPD, a bill ensuring badge numbers are visible on police officers, and a bill to ensure early intervention on officers who need more training or monitoring.

De Blasio also announced the early expansion of his NYC Care initiative, providing health care to all residents of New York City.

The program, which was initially rolled out in the Bronx, and has since expanded to Brooklyn and Staten Island, and will now expand to Queens and Manhattan four months ahead of schedule.

The city will hire 26 providers to ensure NYC Care recipients will receive a new primary care appointment in two weeks, according to the mayor.

During his briefing on Tuesday, the mayor said his Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity, co-chaired by his wife Chirlane McCray, has returned with new initiatives regarding mental health care.

McCray said the city would be “turbocharging” the mental health support system of NYC Care, with a goal of reaching 10,000 New Yorkers in the city’s hardest hit areas by December.


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  1. William E. Brown says:

    This health care initiative might keep some people from leaving New York. They probably don’t represent a significant portion of the tax base that will be further vanishing.

  2. Joseph Glaser says:

    I grew up in Richmond Hill. Went to Richmond Hill High School. I am SO GLAD I now live in Florida.

  3. Gene Easley says:

    If people have to be reminded to love their neighbour by painting it on the street that doesn’t say much good about the state of that people

  4. tex says:

    Boy great move from the Blah, Blah, Blasio. Talk about misplaced priorities, New York is going to pay the biggest price in history with this moron as its leader.

  5. James Rogers says:

    For sale: One giant stencil of the word “LESS”.

  6. Harlod Dichman says:

    New York citizens tax dollars at work – public sponsored graffiti.

    1. John Koch says:

      You cannot afford to buy the paint. If you could, it then would be a waste of tax payer money.

  7. Mirage says:

    Great, this will cause a huge spike in public urination.

  8. Some guy says:

    Using tax money and city property for a political message?

    And isn’t that going to make the street slippery in the rain? Some city did that for bike lanes and it caused a lot of accidents.

    1. John Dendy says:

      I guess I need to stock up on paint remover.

  9. afr52 says:

    Apparently painting ALL LIVES MATTER doesn’t fit the Democratic agenda.

    1. John Dendy says:

      Dems are all racist trash.

  10. jenn says:

    BLM has been taken over by racist, white haters. They’ve pushed their hate too far and ruined what might have been a positive thing. NYC, and most cities, are now dead. Whites will move away from lawlessness and where they are not welcome. And, they’ll take their money, and law and order, with them.

    1. Astoria says:

      It’s always fun to read the comments and find the ones from people who are obviously not New Yorkers telling us what our city is like. Apparently, you guys think a few minutes of footage on Fox makes you experts over those of us who actually live here.

  11. TomasCruz says:

    If he doesn’t have an equal amount of white, Asian, Hispanic live matters streets painted, then this should be considered a racist hate crime.

  12. Deborah D says:

    Wonder if he’s going to paint that in front of a Planned Parenthood.

  13. Terry Lee says:

    Liberals really are retarded.

  14. I’ve never seen a better argument for why NYC should not receive a NICKLE of federal help. They have money to WASTE on this crap.

  15. Thomas Edwin Sollenbarger says:

    De Balsio, completely wrapped up in his own ego, is clueless to the fact the he is viewed as an insipid embarrassment.

    1. John Dendy says:

      What kind of morons voted for DeBlasio?

  16. CARLOS r LIZARRAGA says:

    Wow.Very racist thing.Is NYC going to compensate the businesses that were destroyed by the criminals? After all, they do paid very hefty taxes to the city and the city leadership failed to protect them.And the city did not support the police.

  17. Marcus says:

    well, that should completely solve the problem.

  18. luismartinez says:

    NYC you deserve him; you elected this clown.

  19. David Rodriguez says:

    And another thing regarding the Mental Health Care part at the end. Back in late February/March of this year, Comptroller Stringer brought up the fact that ThriveNYC which was under the control of Deblasio’s wife, still hasn’t proven the $1 billion spent for mental health care is actually helping New Yorkers.

    1. Richard says:

      Of course it is helping New Yorkers. DeBlasio and his wife just to name two. Where do ytou think that money is going?

  20. David Rodriguez says:

    So instead of paving the street he will just paint this verbiage to coverup the potholes.Brilliant! But the real question will be which tax dollars will he use to do this. If you decide to use the bus lanes then can he use the tax dollars that come from the MTA. Remember there are over seven different taxes right now that fund the MTA. So as a Rockland County resident I will be watching this

  21. smith says:

    make sure you write on every street where there is an abortion clinic
    there are 266 abortion clinics in new york city
    including 800 2nd Ave, Suite 605
    New York, NY 10017

  22. Dell says:

    How about painting “Don’t Break The Law and The Police Won’t Bother You”

  23. TomAZUSA says:

    That should be about as effective as a “Thank A Cop” bumper sticker getting you out of a speeding ticket

  24. jojo says:

    Unconscionable. Disgusting. Vile. Ruinous. Divisive. Racist.

  25. Leftists using public funds to graffiti cities?
    That’s a new, low brow trend!

  26. arnoldripkin1 says:

    Oops there goes the neighborhood

  27. Robert Blum says:

    Promoting BLM will do nothing but diminish tourism & encourage the exodus of residents. . Do folks really have an understanding of BLM ? . . .The founders ? . . . The ideals and values ?

  28. Grow...and grow up says:

    The DC Mayor’s stunt was feisty and fun, with a serious and meaningful undertone in the one city that is directly subject to federal oversight. Good on them, but that moment has passed. Team BdB needs to focus on solving problems…or at the very least, be original ffs!

  29. Paul says:

    So NY will close off 5 streets, create weird delays, put 20 trucks with the arrows that point right, somehow mess up the color of the paint. For some reason then they’ll have to dig the ground up and put rafters. Urban planning gets involved apparently it’ll need to be rezoned. New mayoral election platform is to speed up the painting of these phrases to reopen the streets. Manhattan bridge temporarily closed off for traffic from brooklyn to manhattan. One out of the five will have a spelling mistake, something like “Back Lives Matter”, ironically the most important street regarding traffic congestion. They use the same colors as the center dividers obscuring traffic. Accident rates increase 10 fold in these hotspots. Mayor of DC sues NY for infringing on creativity. Case goes to court for years. Court holds that these streets cannot have car traffic to maintain the integrity of the painting of the phrase as it is now evidence. This is my faith in NY. New Halal cart opens up by each phrase. Cold water $2. Blazio just increased the price of water by $2 that’s my takeaway

    1. MeinSouth says:

      So spot on! ROFLMAO. Don’t forget all the ultra rich around the globe who invest in high end real estate in Blahzero Land. They will just love investing in an street ad city. Oh so pleasing to the eye.

  30. Kurt M says:

    political pandering…..

    1. Far worse than political pandering. Naked and disgraceful white fear, dressed up as virtue and sober civic duty. The nerve of this fool telling anybody what to deeply feel, after all the death and suffering he caused wringing his hands over covid and saying go on about your lives.

  31. Brett Connor says:

    Today is the 9th
    BLM in numerology is a 9
    Putting BLM (9) 999999 all over the streets is a Freemason Mind F. 999 is 666 when viewed from the other side on the street!
    Ordo Ab Chao

  32. thang van Ung says:

    brilliant lip service. so ludicrously useless, vandals need not bother.

  33. joemomma says:

    The city is penniless but they find money for this joke?

  34. Never Give says:

    So I guess if your Asian, latino, white etc they don’t give a crap about you. To me basing anything on color of skin is racist, Which means the people giving the nod to this are flat our racists

  35. Karen Ross says:


    1. Sam Green says:

      Political correctness is now hitting a new low.

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