NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD found no criminality after officers became sick at a Shake Shack in downtown Manhattan, Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison tweeted early Tuesday.

Sources told CBS2 it appears the incident was accidental, possibly the result of cleaning solution that wasn’t properly removed from the shake machine.

Three officers became sick Monday after drinking shakes from the restaurant located at Broadway and Fulton Street.

Police initially suspected an employee may have contaminated the shakes with bleach.

Employees were questioned, and a shake sample was taken to a lab for testing.

The officers were hospitalized, but have since been released.

Note: This post was updated at 4:30 a.m. on June 16, 2020.

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  1. itsElea says:

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  2. N/Al says:

    I am going to make some assumptions here, but I believe they are entirely reasonable.
    1. The officers, believing they had ingested poison in their milkshakes and trained to collect evidence, brought the drinks with them to the hospital for testing.
    2. The drinks were tested to determine what had contaminated the milkshakes.
    3. There is no report by either the hospital, the investigators from the NYCPD, or poison control that found any contamination, so there was none found.
    4. There is no report by the hospital that the police exhibited any symptoms of bleach poisoning which include vomiting, burning in the mouth lining, swelling of the throat, or blood in stool, so the police showed no evidence of poisoning.
    5. Their shake MAY have tasted funny from some harmless trace of cleaning fluid left on the machine, but what the police were experiencing was an overreaction due to paranoia, resulting in a tummy ache and false public accusations of a crime by the NYC-PBA.

  3. Kristin Cunnar says:

    How can it be that the only customers sickened by the chemical left in the shake machine had been the Police Officers?

    1. Eric Elder says:

      Where did you get the info that only the officers were affected?

      1. Andrew Blanc says:

        Well,have you seen any news articles or reports or internet postings that talks about others getting sick? Because I sure haven’t…….. Genius? The NYPD JUST WANTS TO SWEEP THIS UNDER THE TUG?

  4. Geoffrey Bailey says:

    Sad. Shake Shack needs to get their act together.

    1. misterbill99 says:

      So one employee screws up and the entire company is to blame?

  5. basketball jesus says:

    Another hoax at the expense of service industry workers so cops can victimize themselves. Just like when a bunch of them lied about baristas calling them pigs.

    1. Jo Ann Haglund says:

      are you serious? you must’ve had a run in with the law to make that kind of statement. no hoax about it. here’s a tip for you. you obey the laws of the state, you have no problems with the law. you break them, accept the consequences of your actions!

      1. Alex Ashton says:

        Are you blind and deaf and illiterate? Our current unrest is due in large part to the frequent episodes of cops hassling, brutalizing, and even killing people who are guilty of minor crimes or even no crimes at all. You don’t need to have been a victim of this personally to understand that cops in this country have a serious problem, part of it racial and part of it structural.

      2. Jake says:

        Boot lickers like you are the problem in this country. The cops are proven to lie, cheat, steal and plant drugs and guns on people… this was before the BLM movement.
        What lengths do think this gang of pigs will go to now that they feel pressured to change…
        This is CLEARLY the cops playing the victim and creating a headline that serves the narrative the police want to push…. witch is equal parts I’m the victim, nobody likes me, everybody hates me and look how powerful I am as a cop and look what I can do to you.
        I hope shake shack sues the NYPD as this is highly illegal and highlights the issue with having a branch of government that has the power to kill you with ZERO accountability.

  6. Erik Panitelli says:

    Shows how disgusting and childish Liberals are. These cops had nothing to do with Floyd. Leftists are stupid af

    1. Alex Ashton says:

      Wow! You must be quite the detective yourself, having identified, tried, and convicted “liberals” all by yourself, and probably with no more evidence than what you saw in a news article. Just shows how alt-crazy Right Wing-Dings happily draw conclusions with no data and stand ready to punish anyone they don’t agree with (i.e., the sane).

    2. Alex Ashton says:

      The other comment I have to add, aside from the horror of the crime itself, is this: If it was actually bleach, and THREE police officers could not detect the smell of sufficient bleach to make them sick in a MILK SHAKE, are these really the people we want investigating crimes? They don’t sound like the sharpest bullets in the clip, if you get my drift.

      1. Jo Ann Haglund says:

        that has to be the most childish comment I’ve ever read in my life. go to your room little one. you’re grounded

        1. Alex Ashton says:

          Well, you are clearly a serial troll, and apparently you have never smelled bleach. In a quantity sufficient to cause serious ill effects, CHLORINE bleach is readily detectable. But I guess that since cops don’t seem to need evidence to detain, beat, and kill people, we maybe don’t need to worry too much about their sense of smell . . . or sight . . . or hearing . . . or justice.

          1. CliffOnTheRoad says:

            Open cap of Chorex bottle – almost zero odor. Please try this. Mask with milk shake mix and barf. Some of your comments are good. But some are not. JoAnn maybe shouldn’t have included “childish”, but calling her a troll may have been unfair too. I won’t want to attract your anger but the smell of bleach in solution is not obvious. I said ‘try this’ but it was not implied you should become ill. Internet comments are not always clear as to their intent.

            1. Alex Ashton says:

              I have used bleach a LOT, including directly for water treating in a Third World environment where safely drinkable water was not otherwise available. Even at the very low concentrations appropriate for that use, and even with water that was not odorless to begin with, and even with drinking water treated this way on a daily basis, the odor of chlorine remains quite noticeable. At the levels required for serious, immediate ill effects, it should be unmistakable.

              And please read all of JAH’s posts. She / he / it clearly is trolling and being intentionally insulting.

    3. Jo Ann Haglund says:

      and psychic. he somehow knew it was liberals. STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

  7. Aaron Hegglin says:

    Oh man. The child-like intellects of Trump supporters would be funny if their existence wasn’t so toxic and dangerous to society.

    1. Jo Ann Haglund says:

      and your comment has exactly what to do with this topic? just curious

    2. Andrew Blanc says:

      Really? Which party has had a three and a half year long temper tantrum like petulant little children? Why the Democrats,of course!! When Obama won you didn’t see this kind of conduct from the Republicans! Our Republic only works when the peaceful transfer of power occurs!
      Trump did not get this common courtesy from Obama instead he got a fake dossier bought and paid for by Hillary and the DNC! Oh and the fraud perpetrated on the FISA COURT by the anti Trump gov’t bureaucracy!

  8. Alex Ashton says:

    I don’t see the problem. Someone was just trying to protect them from the corona virus. You know, a kind of an “internal cleaning.” If they had just stuck around long enough for someone to stick a UV light up their butts, they’d be fully protected!

  9. trixlette3 says:

    What’s next, the family and loved ones of police? What if one of them got that drink and just got off duty and took their drink home and their child consumed it???

    1. Alex Ashton says:

      Yeah, gee, that would be almost as bad as if police broke into the wrong house looking for a suspect they already had in custody, and when the guy living there tried to protect his home, they shot and killed his girlfriend instead. Oh, oops, hang on, that actually DID happen.

      I guess if it happened to someone WHITE, though, it would be a real tragedy, right?

  10. nt says:

    Only evil people do this sort of thing. Leftists. This specific Shake Shack should be closed and have their business license revoked.

    It’s only a matter of time until they begin doing it to visible Trump supporters or anyone who “votes the wrong way”. We cannot even trust take out, fast food and the like anymore in this new progressive normal.

    1. redmerlot says:

      Oh yeah, that’s the way to solve this, line yourself up with a tribal political movement and then accuse the “leftists” of doing it.

  11. Anthony Naples says:

    Find the guilty party. Arrest and charge them. If the shakes were poisoned the officers should sue Shake Shack for damages.
    With no backbone from the NYC non-Mayor the cops are now targets and the city will go to the criminal just as it was prior to Giuliani.

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