NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The NYPD has a suspect in custody, caught on camera assaulting an elderly woman in Gramercy Park.

It’s not his first arrest. Police sources tell CBS2 he’s been arrested more than 100 times before on a slew of charges.

CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis spoke to the victim Tuesday.

The disturbing assault was caught on surveillance video. A 92-year-old woman was walking on Third Avenue when for no apparent reason a man pushes her. She hits her head on a fire hydrant on her way to the ground.

The man takes nothing, watching her struggle as he walks away.

“I can’t believe that someone would do this,” the woman told DeAngelis.

Even more disbelief for the woman when DeAngelis showed her the surveillance video for the first time.

“Oh, he did look back. He did look back to see me fall on the floor, that rat!” she said.

She didn’t want to give her name, but gave DeAngelis a look at her injuries, which sent her to Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital.

“He hit me on the left – ow – that hurts to touch it,” she said, indicating her head. “[My arm] was all bloody.”

“This man did nothing except change my life and almost kill me,” she added.

It happened on Third Avenue between 15th and 16th Street. The woman was on the way to the store Friday when she was struck in the middle of the day by a stranger.

“With my visor on and my face mask, so he barely saw who I was. He just saw an elderly lady walking slowly and he decided I’m perfect for a victim,” she said. “I’m not going to walk on the street alone right now, absolutely not.”

She was relieved to later find out that an anonymous tip led to the arrest of 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage in Harlem Tuesday.

Police sources say he’s a registered sex offender who has been arrested about 101 times. Some include assault, harassment, resisting arrest and persistent sexual abuse. He’s due in court in July for arrests from earlier this year.

In the meantime, police say he committed this crime, leaving an elderly woman to plead:

“Please stop what you’re doing. That’s all I can say to this man.”

And to authorities, she’s hoping her attacker stays behind bars, so she can feel safe again walking on her own.

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  1. dennis richardson says:

    Stop playing with this criminal make him serve time at Rykers prison. You are playing with him

  2. bill says:

    i wonder how his attorney is going to defend him and get him off

  3. temper says:

    this thing is a waste of genetic material , a drain on Earth’s resources and a threat to Society
    it should be put down like any other rabid dog before it causes any more damage
    hopefully it has not bred yet
    > : [

  4. george palmer says:

    it really makes me a little bit sympathetic towards this creep because of his alleged ” mental illn ess”. the history of this degenerates like this makes me harken back to pilgrim days when stocks and pillories were in vogue. could it be time to re- introduce this form of punishment to anyone convicted of so many crimes against his peers ? would you enjoy pelting criminals like this with rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes and nasty, yet accurate, comments? have i gone too far or have we not gone far enough?

    1. nomoretraitors says:

      Notice how no mention is made of race in the story

  5. Erika DeLauder says:

    Time may have to come full circle…where it’s time for the good citizens to wear a gun on their hip like back in the 1800’s.

  6. Mark Owen says:

    Mistakenly publish his home address, please.

  7. Matt says:

    This POS consuming oxygen should be considered an environmental crime.

  8. Roberta Clayton says:

    This P.O.S. needs to be let loose in general population where fellow inmates have all lost their moms

  9. Gryph says:

    Why is he walking free?

    1. Tony Winters says:

      A better question is Why is he still walking?

  10. mark williams says:

    democrats are racists
    racists are democrats

  11. Sean says:

    ….and the ‘Defund the Police’ movement thinks sending a psychologist to the scene is the solution.

  12. Victoria Dash says:

    I wish we could euthanize him and the other menaces to society the way we do to innocent animals.

  13. I would really like to send her a care. If she does not want to be identified, maybe I could sent it to a neighbor or the station who aired the video. I feel so bad for her. This is criminal assult. I pray to God she is doing OK.

  14. smurf0018 says:

    This is the problem. Criminals need to be in jail. Build more prisons! Unbelievable!

    1. nomoretraitors says:

      Criminals are the left’s storm troopers

  15. fu says:

    his life certainly does not matter

  16. Steve Olshefski says:

    This guy has been arrested over 100 times, a registered sex offender and numerous assaults. Why is he on the streets? Definitely a hate crime!!!

  17. TF Millar says:

    If he were Caucasian, would he have been paroled so often?

  18. The old lady was smart not to give her name, lest the Left ‘cancel’ her for criticizing a person of color and get her children and grandchildren fired from their jobs.

  19. Matt Blast says:

    This thug will walk again and again and again because of the liberal hacks that are voted into office again and again. Charlie Baker and all the RINOs with their collective fingers in the air, and every single Democrat are to blame for the liberal policies that are destroying out country. But the real blame is with the people who continue to vote for them……now put your muzzles back on and obey!…GO TRUMP!

  20. Rester says:

    that’s why white people should have weapon

  21. Is he charged with hate crime yet?

  22. Joachim says:

    Did he get an American flag from Pelosi yet?

  23. carcar jinks says:

    what was she doing in new york in the first place? most people have enough common sense NOT to live in a city where self-defense is illegal.

  24. Rashad Jenkins says:

    She prolly said the n-word then he said what you say n she said you herd me.. so he push her

    1. Michael Shober says:

      WOW! Sounds like you’re just as big of a POS as that animal! Making quite an assumption there to justify his actions, not racist much are you? BTW The animal is a sexual offender and has been arrested over 65 times!

    2. mama bear says:

      No you didn’t just go there. And cops are probably afraid to arrest him in this time of uproar right?

    3. nomoretraitors says:

      F off



  26. Bob Clemons says:

    THAT IS A HATE CRIME !! And he is Very lucky that is not my mom or Grandma !!!!

  27. Shaq says:

    Won’t hear a peep from LeBron on this one, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  28. yeah that’s REAL tough, Rashid. Attacking a 92 year old woman. Why don’t you try attacking someone closer to your own age and physical ability?

    1. BOB CLEMONS says:

      HOW is he even on the streets with that many arrests??? ONE of those should put him away !!!

  29. dan doppel says:

    guys like this have zero value, negative value for society. total garbage

  30. STEPHEN says:

    Yet this POS would be a “hero” if he was killed while attacking a cop!

  31. mjazzguitar says:

    Why aren’t whites rioting and looting over this?

  32. Reagan Was Right says:

    Relocate him to CHAZ, he’ll fit right in.

    1. Paulita Gilberto says:

      So glad they caught this guy, but since he’s a sex offender and has been arrested 65 times, it’s just another day in his life.

  33. CYRUS says:

    What kind of society allows someone with 65 prior arrests, and who is a registered sex offender to be out in public? This is a shameful and utter mockery of justice. This City must do a much better job protecting it’s citizens, especially those who are the most vulnerable..

    1. nomoretraitors says:

      What kind of society? A Democratic society

      You know, the same folks who tell us more gun laws will keep us safe

  34. TF Millar says:

    Poor guy is just misunderstood. He need another chance…….LOL.

  35. Tory Hill says:

    He shoved her unprovoked and saw her hit her head on the fire hydrant and kept on walking.
    He needs to be locked up.

    1. Lola says:

      Exactly what I say..if she had hit her head on that fire hydrate she would’ve die and then what? Lock him up for good bcuz if anything happens to him by police officers then all the family and neighbors will say it’s racism bcuz he was a good man doing nothing wrong. Mean while where it’s his family to apologize to the lady? Just like we matter hey everyone matters. Racism against seniors exist also and there you saw it. Now she’s afraid to walk in her own neighborhood so where are those people with $$$$ to support the lady. Sending groceries to her door? Let’s be more respectful. Let’s concentrated on doing good not on how good another’s need to be to me. People like that make all this protest look dull. Preach but don’t practice what you’ll preach smh….sadden.

  36. Nic Ed says:

    This guy is an animal with 65 arrest, it has nothing to do with BLM. He deserves what ever punishment he is awarded.

  37. nomoretraitors says:

    “Suspect Who Allegedly Shoved 92-Year-Old To The Street Has Been Arrested About 65 Times”

    Another beneficiary of the left’s love for criminals, you know the same people who tell us we need more “gun laws”

    Thanks Dems!

    1. TF Millar says:

      Oh he is just misunderstood, poor soul. LOL

  38. Gee, anchorman, maybe you should ask yourself what rhetoric might have incited this?

  39. nomoretraitors says:

    What is the race of the victim?

    1. Donna Blais says:

      I thought the rodent infestation in NY was taken care of. Guess not.

  40. Svetlana says:

    So much for “white privilege.”

  41. Joanne Alley says:

    Looks like a hate crime to me.

  42. Mr Smith says:

    probably on his way home from a ‘peaceful protest’

  43. jimj53 says:

    A police officer restraining him for 8 minutes is what he needs.

  44. jimj53 says:

    Guess they didn’t like my response.

  45. Vavah LaVulva says:

    We knelt for George Floyd. Can we fall sideways for this poor old woman? Old Women’s Lives Matter! Old Women’s Lives Matter! Old Women’s Lives Matter!…

  46. S Medvar says:

    He will be caught, but please dont release him under the new bail reform, let him take a trip to Rikers. Even the inmates on the Island dont tolerate animals like this. They will teach him a hard lesson!

  47. Dred Scott says:


    1. nomoretraitors says:

      An insult

      To the animal kingdom

  48. TF Millar says:

    What a crud!

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