NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The last week in New York City has been like the wild west.

Astonishing statistics show a 342 percent increase in shootings last week – 53 compared to 12 in 2019.

They also show a 414 percent jump in the number of people shot – 74 compared 14 in 2019.

CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports Mayor Bill de Blasio is vowing not to let the city slip back into the bad old days of gun violence, but the demand for cuts to the NYPD budget has some wondering if officers have abandoned proactive policing.

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Police said there were a total of 28 shootings with 38 victims in 72 hours over the weekend.

Officers responded to eight shootings Friday, 18 on Saturday and two more Sunday.

De Blasio acknowledged the warmer months typically bring more violence, and said some of the shootings have been linked to gangs and retaliations.

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“In the beginning of the year, we saw an uptick in crime and shootings. We saw some leveling off for a few months in the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Now, we’ve seen something very troubling in recent weeks,” the mayor said Monday.

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The numbers put the mayor between a rock and a hard place in terms of balancing public safety and police reform.

Kramer asked de Blasio how the violence impacts his budget negotiations with the City Council, which is calling for a $1 billion cut from the NYPD.

“I think, Marcia, it’s really important to remember, job one is always to keep people safe,” said de Blasio.

The mayor said the NYPD’s annual “Summer All-Out” initiative is adding hundreds of officers to streets in neighborhoods with upticks in gun violence, and Cure Violence crisis management groups will also increase their coverage in those areas.

“We are not going to allow gun violence to continue to grow in this city. We’re not going to go back to the days when there was so much violence pervading our communities,” he said. “We’re going to use new strategies and approaches in policing, new strategies and approaches at the community level. We’re going to do whatever it takes to fight back gun violence.”

The mayor specifically mentioned the Bronx and Brooklyn North.

But, some are left wondering why the spike in shootings is happening now.

Former NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito told Kramer it’s because proactive policing is not happening and that anti-police demonstrations have taken a toll.

“They’re all looking over their shoulders and in the back of their mind, whether consciously or subconsciously, they’re saying, ‘Why should we bother? We don’t get the support. Why should we bother?'” said Esposito.

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City Council Finance Chairman Daniel Dromm called the increase in shootings “suspicious.”

“It makes me wonder exactly what’s going on with the NYPD. Same as with the fireworks. I mean, is there no enforcement? Are they slowing down? What is happening gives me great concern,” said Dromm.

The councilman said it won’t stop the City Council from seeking to cut $1 billion from the NYPD’s $6 billion budget and earmarking the money for social services.

The budget is due on June 30.

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  1. Vman says:

    You’re to late De Blasio…You’re too late…Hey De Blasio…You’re to late….You’ll be to late next week too….The week after that and the week after that.

  2. nomoretraitors says:

    But let’s defund the police! Good idea!

    Criminals are the left’s storm troopers

  3. Frederick Mosher says:

    De Blasio is a dangerous man based on his ideology and his completely narcissitic focus on himself. Now that things are breaking down he wants to do something but still takes absolutely no personal accountability. I sympathize with the residents of New York but he was voted in by the residents so they can’t get a pass either.

    And then you add to that the incompetent management by Governor Cuomo and it becomes a nightmare in progress. Again somebody voted for Cuomo so the residents need to acknowledge some accountability as well. And then we have young influential and completely misguided and incompetent politicians like AOC. New York needs to grow up and pay attention or there will be nothing left to pay attention to.

    Completely insane. And so very disheartening for a great country. Certainly one with many faults but the world has been a better place because of the US. We have more wealth and less starvation and a much longer lived and more productive world population than at any time in history. So with all the faults, the world was getting better and safer. We are at risk of ending the positive trends unless we stop and acknowledge the realities of the world now. Unfortunately it could deteriorate rapidly and the only hope is a general recognition, commitment and hard work to stop the slide from taking place.

  4. CYRUS says:

    I am very concerned at the lack of sound judgement I see from many in the council now regarding issues of public safety. We should all be concerned.

    1. nomoretraitors says:

      Not a question of “sound judgement.” They know exactly what they’re doing: creating the chaos necessary for totalitarian takeover. Same reason why they enacted “bail reform”

  5. CYRUS says:

    Dromm, you complain about lack of enforcement being responsible for the increase in shootings on one hand, and argue for defunding them on the other.. This makes no sense.

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