NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Bronx District Attorney’s Office had not yet pressed charges Monday, days after video surfaced showing an NYPD officer being put in a headlock by a man he was trying to arrest.

The video taken on July 1 shows a pair of officers trying to put Franklin Adrian, 31, into a police cruiser.

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Police said Adrian was arrested because he repeatedly refused to move his car that was parked illegally by a pump on Morris Avenue.

As Adrian resists, in the video, officers are surrounded by people who can be heard taunting them.

Police said the officers called for back-up.

It’s not clear what happened off camera, but in one moment on camera, you can see an officer lunge towards an onlooker, Wisnel Manzueta, 29.

A struggle ensued – Manzueta punched the officer multiple times and put him in a headlock.

CBS2 spoke with a witness who did not want to show his face on camera.

“In the video, you see clearly the officer put his hand on him twice,” said the witness. “They both wrong, to be honest with you. I’m not taking either side for my friend or the NYPD. They’re both wrong.”

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Pat Lynch, president of the police union, said the officer was hurt while doing what he was supposed to do: securing his weapon, the suspect and the body camera that was knocked off in the scuffle.

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Lynch called out the city for a growing anti-police sentiment.

“If the suspect is not charged, expect every interaction to be a violent one,” said Lynch. “We took this city back from the criminals and City Hall and others have given it back to the perps on the street.”

CBS2 asked the Bronx DA’s office all day Monday for comment about why the suspect was released, but we were only told the case has been deferred for further investigation with no charges at this time.

Some witnesses who live in the area said police are there every night now, issuing tickets for cars parked illegally, blasting music and to people who are setting off fireworks.

“We cannot live like this. This is getting to be bad. You can’t attack the police like that because we need them. We live here, too,” said Cora Robinson.

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The NYPD officer was treated for cuts to his face at the hospital and received staples on his head. He is back on duty.