NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Three people were arrested and charged with assaulting police officers after protesters disrupted a peaceful unity march and clashed with the NYPD in Brooklyn.

Demonstrators took to the streets Wednesday to call for an end to the staggering increase in gun violence across the city, CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reported.

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Tensions started to build as the group began to cross the Brooklyn Bridge and were met by counter protesters.

As the march started, a diverse group of faith leaders — Christian, Muslim, Jewish — and law enforcement, police unions, Black Veterans for For Social Justice, and citizens came together. They all gathered at Cadman Plaza to call for a stop to the violence in the city and to have deeper conversations about racial justice and police reforms.


As they started to march up the ramp to the bridge, they were paused by police due to an emergency incident and broke into prayer.

Chopper 2 over the scene showed counter protesters walking into traffic and sitting down in the roadway, blocking vehicles on the bridge.

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The counter protesters told CBS2 they feel that the unity march was too supportive of the police. Police broke up protesters linking arms and made 34 arrests.

“They said no, basically, we’re gonna arrest all of the Black Lives Matter protesters first and then allow this protest to peacefully come by. They didn’t want a counter-protest. They didn’t want democracy. They didn’t want freedom in this moment. They set us up intentionally,” protester Jonathan Lykes said.

Eventually the march was able to proceed over the bridge to City Hall.

The NYPD released video of some officers being attacked by a person with a stick while the officers were making an arrest. Police said four officers were injured, and released photos showing several bleeding from the head.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan was among the injured, suffering a sprained hand.

“I’m OK. Some of my cops aren’t in as good as shape as I am. They’re still out sick,” said Monahan on Thursday. “You know, my sergeant took eight staples in his head and Lieutenant Mack from our bike unit, he had a broken orbital bone. So, we were injured. It was a pretty violent fight on the bridge yesterday.”

Shayborn Banks, 25, was arrested and charged with assaulting a lieutenant, according to the NYPD.

Police also said they arrested Quran Campbell, 25, and charged him with assaulting three officers.

Police did not say if either Banks or Campbell assaulted Chief Monahan.

Twenty-four-year-old Chanice Reyes, of Morris Plains, New Jersey, has also been arrested. She’s charged with two counts of assault on a police officer.

This comes as law enforcement criticize new police reforms: banning chokeholds and creating more transparency.

“If the mayor were doing his job properly, we wouldn’t have these issues. If the DAs were prosecuting the laws, we wouldn’t have these issues. What we are seeing right now is chaos in the city of New York and the victims are minorities,” said Ed Mullins, the president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

“I believe we can find a way to hear those real concerns, to keep people safe, to retrain out officers the right way,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The state troopers union is now demanding state police remove troopers stationed in New York City.

“The criminal and civil liability, I believe, is too great for them performing their jobs,” said Thomas Mungeer, union president.

Union leaders also said the new reforms jeopardize the safety of troopers when arresting people who resist.

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A small group of about protesters from the “Defund the Police” encampment refused to speak with the news media about what they were protesting. At one point, all media members were stopped from going on the bridge to cover the protest.

“Anyone with a press badge that stays on the bridge will be arrested,” one officer said.

Duddridge learned that in some cases protesters have been posing as journalists and police don’t know who is who, creating further challenges for officers.

The leader of march, Bishop Gerald Seabrooks, the president of the United Clergy Coalition, said the kind of polarization and division seen Wednesday is what they are trying to overcome and why more conversations between community and police are necessary.

“Let’s stop the violence. The people who are getting hurt right now while people are coming against the police officers is the African-American community,” Seabrooks said. “We are fed up and tired of seeing a 1-year-old shot, a 12-year-old paralyzed. No, we need the police. What we’re saying is we don’t want police brutality.”

Seabrooks said he is calling on preachers to get out of their pulpits and on to the streets to bring healing. Faith leaders, police, and community leaders all recognize that the march and rally are just symbolic, adding the real work will happen behind the scenes with meetings, conversations, and, most importantly, listening.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Now we need a linch mob to deal with quaran campbell… thanks alot Blais, you incompetent mari’con puto

  2. Anne Plaks says:

    DeBlasio, I really think there is a place reserved for you in hell.

  3. Danny S. says:

    Why are police threatening to arrest journalists? That’s not right. Neither, of course, are the people who attacked the “Unity” protestors and/or attacked the police. We do need to have police, but without the brutality they sometimes reflexively show. I hope there is a way to achieve that.

  4. nomoretraitors says:

    Say, weren’t we told “gun control saves lives?”

  5. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

    Maybe Comrade DeBlasio should clear out that “defund the police” encampment

  6. Democrat voters vote in Democrat leaders who fail the voters. The voters call for change and continue to vote for Democrats. Smart….real smart.

  7. Bad Penguin says:

    All Lives Matter.

  8. Jeff Mason says:

    How do counter-protest an anti-violence demonstration? These people are animals.

  9. Oliver Clozoff says:

    Could some please explain to me why we pay for batons, pepper spray, Tasers, and handguns for these cops if they’re just going to allow themselves to be beaten up like a bunch of weak little punks? It sounds like a huge waste of money to me.

  10. Mike Burns says:

    The entire blame for violent protests rests on two factions. !- Mayor DiBlazio and his liberal policies. 2nd- New York has chosen to be a Sanctuary City. Well this is what you get when you defy the laws of our country. I actually feel that NYC deserves to reap what it has sown. The Democratic Party has financed and endorsed his violence and the lying liberal media has sensationalized it all for one cause and that is to keep the misery and mayhem going until the November election. If you are not happy with conditions in NYC remember…..your vote counts. Use it !

  11. Steve D says:

    Still calling feral animal thugs ‘protesters’ I see

  12. . says:

    United Front hard at work in NYC

  13. luis says:

    When are police going to start shooting these punks?

  14. dave fay says:

    Just how could it be a peaceful protest if people were attacked and beaten?

    1. nomoretraitors says:

      The Unity March was peaceful. The “defund the police” brigade was not

  15. John says:

    Ku Klux Klan must come back

  16. Hammaal says:

    Who are these people attacking the police and the unity marchers? Why are they called “protesters” when all they do is beat people up and block roads without permits. Protesters don’t do that.

  17. Firelily101 says:

    I feel bad for George Floyd and the 1 year old but I think everyone is taking this to far. They set stuff on fire and don’t think about the police’s family who are at home waiting until there love one’s come home. Not to mention the protesters are hurting other people who are police officers. And no one helps them when they get hurt. They’ve gone to far don’t you think.

  18. CYRUS says:

    Again, we came out in droves to protest abusive police practices, but now when so many want to heal and work for peace and to end gun violence , it is perfectly clear that there are those who do not want peace, or work towards any unity. Shameful

  19. CYRUS says:

    How horrible that a group of people could not deal with any act of unity and honor a precious one year old who was murdered by gun violence.. These were not protesters; they were mislead agitators. They will not ever help our communities move forward, and many do not even live in our communities.

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