NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A protester used blue paint to make a statement about a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower, which has been targeted by vandals twice in one week.

Juliet Germanotta is accused of splattering blue paint on the Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue on July 17, 2020. (credit: CBS2)

Video caught two women splattering blue paint on the brand new mural. One of them, 39-year-old Juliet Germanotta, was wearing a rainbow flag, a “Keep America Great” face mask and an “All Lives Matter” shirt.

“It should be all lives. All includes Black lives, brown lives, white lives,” Germanotta said.

“If cops wanted to put Blue Lives Matter, Dumbo will say no. De Blasio is Dumbo,” another woman said.

The incident happened around 4 p.m. on Fifth Avenue, sparking screams of outage from some witnesses.

“How many of your people have died from police brutality?” one man asked Germanotta.

Germanotta had announced her plans to vandalize the mural on Facebook.

“So this Friday, 4 o’clock, at Trump Tower, operation paint drop,” she said in a Facebook video, showing the cans of paint.

Mayor Bill de Blasio helped paint the mural last Thursday, saying it’s a message to President Donald Trump.

This is already the second time it’s been vandalized.

Police are searching for a man accused of splashing red paint on the Black Lives Matter Mural on Fifth Avenue on July 13, 2020. (credit: NYPD)

Police just put out more surveillance video of the suspect they’re looking for in the first incident — a man who splattered red paint on the mural on Monday.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). You can also submit a tip via their website or on Twitter, @NYPDTips. All calls are kept confidential.

City Department of Transportation workers quickly repainted the mural after that incident, and they did again within hours after the second incident Friday.

The mural and the vandalism are sparking a range of opinions.

“It’s encouraging to me actually [to see it restored]. Absolutely, ’cause the old America would just move on, but it just seems like the new America is ready for a change,” tourist Jeffrey Bonsu told CBS2’s Andrea Grymes.

“That’s not a mural, it’s graffiti. And I think it’s a disgrace that it’s painted right here in front of the president’s home,” said Derrick Gibson, of Rego Park, Queens.

“You know, I hate it say it, I’m happy about [the vandalism]. It needs to go. Along with de Blasio, he needs to go, too,” said John McGuigan, of Union, New Jersey.

“If you don’t agree with it, you can respect it or respectfully disagree with it, but to come and throw paint on it, I think that’s not nice at all,” said Chanel Lindsay, of Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Germanotta and two others, 25-year-old D’Anna Morgan and 44-year-old Luis Martinez, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief in connection to Friday’s vandalism. A 64-year-old woman was issued a summons for illegal posting of flyers.

Comments (30)
  1. W. Martin says:

    Why do they keep calling these big ugly yellow letters a mural this is not art. Also I think a good amount of paint stripper might do a better job.

  2. Adell Rickett Eisenhower says:

    So, you get arrested for pouring paint on something that someone has already vandalized by paint, but you don’t get arrested for burning buildings, trashing peoples homes, blocking roads, raping in the “zone” and killing………this is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

  3. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

    Hey “tourist,” go home and mind your own business!! (2:04 – 2:12)

  4. mary richards says:

    Everybody should call into their nypd crime stoppers hotline that is posted in the article.I personally think it’s Yosemity Sam that did the red paint. I think Hillary is throwing the blue paint on it. Ya know her mentor was Senator Robert (Grand Cyclops of the KKK) Byrd. She is good about trying to blame others.

  5. Paul Rye says:

    Why does DeBlasio want the police to arrest these peaceful protesters and not other protesters who defaced public and private property?

  6. George K says:

    BLM is a racist organization, a Marxist one.
    I agree with the previous comments. It’s not a mural. The media, like CBS is leftist and support chaos. These people do not have common sense. It’s ok to burn and loot department stores, but “vandalizing” a “mural” is offensive. Get the heck outta here. Deblasio is incompetent – worse is the people who voted for him.

  7. David Molloy says:

    Cleaning offensive street gang related grafitti is NOT “Vandalism”. It’s NOT a mural, stop calling it that. Street thugs and the mob painted it.

  8. Kate says:

    If the anarchist can destroy America’s memorials and statues, they shouldn’t be upset if our citizens destroy their crap after all fair is fair, by the way would some one please topple that Lenin statue in Seattle?

  9. Pierce says:

    If I were to write WHITE LIVES MATTER I would be accused of being racist. Why is this allowed and not considered racist? ALL LIVES MATTER and until everyone in the USA understands that we will continue to live is a racist country.
    I believe this should be washed away because it is creating divide in the greatest country in the world.

  10. P. Dere says:

    Mural? Vandalising a street with racist symbols is hardly a mural.
    You guys have totally lost the plot!

  11. Nancy Corbin says:

    So you also follow the line on incorrect grammar too, calling it a mural makes it sound so much more dignified than a sign on the street
    a painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall.
    “huge murals depicting Norse legends”

  12. Nancy Corbin says:

    First it is not a mural it is a sign on the street…secondly unless other citizens can have their signs put on the street it should not be there…DeBlasio or Wilhelm, what ever his name, is using taxpayers dollars for his political purposes…

  13. Bob Ross says:

    Wait… Wait… If you don’t agree with it, just ignore it. Don’t throw paint on it and destroy it?

    WHAT ABOUT ALL THE STATUES??? Does these people even listen to themselves?

  14. Mooch E says:

    mural a
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    mu·​ral | \ ˈmyu̇r-əl \
    Definition of mural (Entry 1 of 2)
    1: of, relating to, or resembling a wall
    2: applied to and made integral with a wall or ceiling surface
    mural noun
    Definition of mural (Entry 2 of 2)
    : a mural work of art

  15. Mooch E says:

    A terrorist group and celebrated by an insane mayor that had no right to vandalize a city taxpayer paid street.
    It is NOT a mural but graffiti and is racist, and a terrorist group and needs to be removed. Pure insanity

  16. Joe Rogers says:

    I’m sure she’ll be held with bail, while the lowlifes that assaulted the NYPD are out of jail waiting for their next assault

  17. ARREST the TERRORIST says:

    BLM is a terrorist organization. Deblasio is a PoS.

  18. Opollo says:

    Disgusting racist comment towards white people.

  19. a bundle of stick says:


    Media framing at its finest folks.

  20. Michael says:

    The “mural” was an act of vandalizing the street. That street is not private property

  21. 912iowa says:

    All taxpayers paid for that street, if some can paint yellow letters, others can paint it blue.

  22. lustyx22111 says:

    Mayor let’s people walk after they assault cops and fails to stop the violence in the streets, but he’s concerned with arresting these people that put a little paint over his “mural”.
    Pretty sad.

    1. nomoreliberaltraitors says:

      Wonder if the good comrade will paint a BLM mural on the street where that 1-year-old kid was killed

  23. chevymon1 says:

    And this passes for news ? They at least could have done a better job vandalising it than that.

  24. Sue Brandes says:

    I hope they don’t find him!! Like Angelo said Run Forest Run!

  25. Jane says:

    Stop calling the blm sign a mural. It is not a piece of art. It is a sign painted on a street.

  26. Justin Foden says:

    BLM is a racist organization.

  27. William Carmichael says:

    When they burn down cities, it’s a “protest”. When they paint over graffiti, it’s “vandalism”.

  28. Douglas Armes says:

    he should get a medal.. as BLM is Racist… same as the KKK

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