MIDDLETOWN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy provided an update Friday on the cluster of coronavirus cases linked to a house party in Monmouth County.

The governor says at least 31 teenagers have now tested positive in Middletown.

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Not all of the infections happened at the house party on July 11, however.

On Thursday, Middletown confirmed 20 new cases among teens ranging from 15-19.


The governor says more of them are now cooperating with contact tracers after some initially refused to provide information.

  1. Sue McDermott says:

    So I am trying to figure this out. There was a party in Middletown where 20 kids tested positive for COVID-19. The people that attended the party will not answer questions by the Township Health Department. The owner of the house works for the Township of Middletown has been coming into work for a week and a half. No one in the department this person works for, has been notified that they could have possibly been infected by this person. Not a single memo or email has been sent out by administration or the Health Department. But yet the town is upset because the people won’t answer questions from the Health Department. Here’s my questions to Middletown. What Department does the home owner work for? How many people did the owner come into contact with at work? How many people did those people come into contact with? Why has no one that works for the town been notified that they might have been exposed to COVID-19? Why is Middletown withholding this information from its employees? How long did the township know that it was one of their employee’s homes that the party took place?

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