NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A number of struggling New Yorkers are facing make or break moments, adjusting to changing financial realities, rising unemployment and a worsening economy, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported Thursday.

Amanda McBride, a single mom from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, took her kids to the Barclays Center to be among about 500 families receiving donations arranged by the Food Bank For New York City.

“It’s very helpful for the family,” said McBride.

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McBride a security guard, but her work is stalled. The donation of free food keeps more money in her bank account for other essentials.

“I don’t wanna wind up in no shelter or anything like that,” said McBride.

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the latest economic numbers are “scary as hell” and warned there will be more challenges to come.

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Daniel Welden, a fitness trainer, saw his gym job vanish.

“Once this hit, it went down to zero… It was like a big hit,” said Welden.

Welden used to have 10 clients a day. Now, it’s more like two or three, with all of the training happening outside.

“Saving up money because, when winter comes, the gyms aren’t open. Nobody’s going to want to do outdoor training in the middle of winter. So, it’s going to be like dead again,” said Welden.


Some people who have jobs said they’re worried about how much longer it will last. So, they’re saving money and looking to amplify a hobby to see if they can make money that way.

Berenice Arcuri, a midtown resident, has a seemingly secure job in fashion, but said she never knows when it might start hanging by a thread.

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So, Arcuri makes face coverings on the side.

“I’m definitely showing up my finances where I can,” said Arcuri. “I actually made this mask. So, I was thinking about possible of doing that on my side, because I’ve had a couple people ask me already to make them.”

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Desiree Rodriguez, from Hell’s Kitchen, said she lost her sales job at a toy store and is now focused on recording songs.

“I’m on unemployment, yes,” said Rodriguez. “I would like to solely focus on my dream, but I know that, realistically, in the real world I got to stay afloat. So, that’s always the dynamic.”

These creative New Yorkers aren’t taking their losses lying down.


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