21 Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans Reported In NYC Since March

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD has formed a new task force to fight an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Police say there have been 21 hate crimes against Asian Americans reported since March. Seventeen of those led to arrests.

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The NYPD says the attacks, both verbal and physical, are being fueled by anti-Asian rhetoric about the coronavirus.

“This hit home for me because I have friends, families, who are legitimately afraid to go outside because they fear for their safety,” said NYPD Deputy Inspector Stewart Loo.

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The task force will be made up of 25 Asian-American investigators who speak different languages.

The NYPD says cultural barriers often prevent victims from reporting attacks and cooperating with police.

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  1. Joe Wong says:

    The reason attacks against Asian-Americans is that these people spreading false rumors, and think’s that the Chinese were responsible for the spreading of this Coronavirus, which they claim came from Wuhan, and Henan Province in China. The president also does NOT help improve the situation, but making this problem worse by constantly saying Kung-FLU, China-FLU, and China Virus every time he opens his mouth, and his henchman Pimpeo trying to stir-up trouble with China, and selling weapons to Taiwan in defiance of the Taiwan relations act.

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