NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Professional athletes are taking a stand against social injustice following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis.

The NBA playoffs were put on hold Wednesday before the players voted to resume the season, while athletes in the Tri-State Area also stood in solidarity, CBS2’s John Dias reported.

The NHL decided to postpone Thursday night’s games and multiple Major League Baseball games have been called off.

Teams and leagues nationwide have been dealing with how to properly handle the protests.

Some leagues have postponed all games, but baseball is allowing each team to make that decision.

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The New York Mets’ approach Thursday night was unique.

The Mets and Miami Marlins ran on the field as scheduled, but instead of playing, they held a 42-second moment of silence on the eve of Jackie Robinson Day.

Then both teams walked off the field as the game was called, but not before leaving one memorable statement — draping a Black Lives Matter t-shirt across home plate.

“This is way bigger than baseball. This is life,” Mets first baseman Dominic Smith said.

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The USTA paused their events. Major League Soccer and the WNBA canceled games, too.

Some WNBA players wore shirts with Blake’s name on them and seven bullet holes painted on their backs.

“This isn’t just about basketball. We aren’t just basketball players. And just because we are basketball players doesn’t mean that’s our only platform. We need to understand that when most of us go home, we still are Black, in the sense that our families matter,” said Ariel Atkins, of the Washington Mystics.

It’s a boycott for the sports history books.

When NBA players agreed to go to the Orlando bubble, it wasn’t just to restart the season; they wanted social reform.

“We are scared as Black people in America. Black men, Black women, Black kids. We are terrified,” LeBron James said.

Three hours after the Milwaukee Bucks were supposed to play in the NBA playoffs Wednesday, the players exited the locker room unified, declaring they would not play to show their support for Blake.

“Despite the overwhelming pleas for change, there has been no action. So, our focus today cannot be on basketball,” said a statement read by the players.

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The league released a statement saying it is hopeful to resume playing Friday or Saturday.

Fans in the Tri-State Area are praising the players.

“They are Black men. A lot of them are fathers, sons. It makes sense for them to do it. It’s unfortunate that it took this long. They should have did it a long time ago with Colin Kaepernick,” said Javi Osei, of Bayonne, N.J.

Though the Knicks and Nets seasons are over, both teams stood in solidarity, as well.

The Nets tweeted:

“I’m a Brooklyn native. So, I was really proud of them,” said Tyrese Bennett, an avid Nets fan. “I feel like somebody gotta take a stand. They got the biggest platform, so why not?”

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But, critics say the players should stick to sports.

“Everybody’s got a right to open their mouth. But, maybe not on the playing field,” one person told CBS2.

Watch John Dias’ Report Here:

It’s an unprecedented boycott with ripple effects.

Naomi Osaka withdrew from a tennis tournament in protest, just days before the US Open.

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Fourteen MLB games were postponed Wednesday, too.

Mets first baseman Dominic Smith took a knee during the national anthem to show his support, and gave an emotional interview after Wednesday’s game.

“I think the most difficult part is to see, people still don’t care… For this to continuously happen, it just shows the hate in people’s heart,” said Smith.

Though some of Smith’s teammates said they won’t kneel, they said they sympathize and are trying to listen and learn.

“I probably won’t. Just my personal decision to stand for the national anthem. That’s what I’ve always done, but I will be there with him and he knows that I support him,” said outfielder Michael Conforto.

The Jets were one of six NFL teams that canceled practice Thursday.

“This is definitely something that I don’t want, and a lot of my brothers in the locker room don’t want, swept under the rug. This is not a one day topic. Or when it happens, we get to talk about it. This is something real in our community that we’re dealing with. I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life. My kids are going to deal with it,” said safety Bradley McDougald.

The Giants practiced Thursday after holding a 45 minute minute discussion on social injustice. Running back Saquan Barkley said the team has not ruled out the possibility of boycotting a game.

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  1. I want to know if players really know about blm involvement in police murders extortion store owners threaten by blm unless they pay protection money blm head says wants to destroy American family structure another wants to burn country down if they do not get what they want then there is 24 innocent people dead due to blm and riots where are you and media mad about these people being dead none speak of it so they must be ok with it and all the pro field football hockey baseball putting their name up is disgusting backing murder violence beating people killing police they all must support it I want to hear players explain this but lapdog media ia also guilty in this will not push it they are no better than the murders they support I want an answer from you overpaid drips on this none of you will cowards

  2. jules says:

    I hear about the second boycott, but nothing about the fan boycott that is prevalent amongst my friends and family. The NBA and Nike is in bed with China, and we as fans will not fund an ungrateful and overpaid bunch of athletes. Apparently, huge dip in ratings is not enough of a hint.

  3. Samuel says:

    They don’t care. They are in this for themselves and nothing else. Professonal athletes have been pushed through college because they have althetic ability, thats it, most couldn’t pass a high school exam so really, they are a bunch of mindless followers who can play a game like a 12 year old, thats it. They do NOTHING in their off seasons except party and show off their millions, check their social media feeds, its all there. They want likes and attention. Here is the thing, if you live in the United States and choose to disrespect our flag, military and police, you are disposible. EVERYONE has issues, women, minoriities, immigrants, etc (I myself am from a mixed race family). Stop with the victim card. Stay out of trouble, how about we try that? Let’s count the number of the police ‘brutality’ incidents and see how many of those ‘victims’ had NO RECORD. You know right from wrong, you choose to do wrong, if you get caught there is nobody to blame but yourself, its called personal responsibility.. Athletes opinions outside of the sports world don’t matter to a majority of Americans. Play your games, count your millions and post your rants on social media, brag about your new cars and jewelry and leave the real issues to the educated and respected. I guarantee MOST pro athletes have guns or have armed security at their homes and would have NO ISSUES calling the police if they needed them, and they have. Police, Doctors, Grocery Store Clerks, EMT, MILITARY all essential. Athletes aren’t even in the same ballpark, 99 percent of them don’t have the brains or character to do a real job and Americans know this but overlook it because they can play a game. Don’t forget how the the pro sports teams condone violence against women and children by giving a slap on the hand to the criminals then welcoming them back with open arms……do I really need to mention ALL of those names? ……and as a reminder, if you have to continuously remind the rest of the world that you matter, chances are, you have a personal issue to make yourself think that you don’t. Clean up your cities & neighborhoods, stop voting for democrats who are keeping you as permanent underclass in this country (yes, thats intentional on their part, they’re keeping you as prisoners, you are too blind to even see it.) Give your children a better chance at a real future….not one based on political propaganda, but real morality and education that will give them actual opportunities, not something handed to them out of pity or because they have been told they don’t quite measure up to everyone else. You can’t check a box your whole life, allow yourself to be put in the category of not being able to do it on your own then complain when you suddenly feel that you don’t matter, that was also intentional by the liberals. Stop allowing yourself to be a stereotype. Racism is not only wrongly accusing or punishing someone based on their skin color……it is also NOT PUNISHING SOMEONE DOING SOMETHING WRONG BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR, which is the case here. Blake was somewhere he shouldn’t have been and was resisting…..he isn’t an innocent man who was just minding his own business, a woman was in danger but as history has shown, pro sports always puts women and children last. Congrats losers for having your priorities straight and getting your information from a Twitter feed instead of waiting to even get the facts about what happened. It’s what followers do and athletes do that better than anyone else.

  4. CYRUS says:

    Why can’t we show the same concern and rage for the numerous young people of color who are killed as a result of gun violence in our communities each and every day? Where are the walkouts and tears for these young people? I want to see the NBA, NHL, MBA and all the other teams show some concern for these young lives also

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