LONG ISLAND (CBSNEWYORK)- Beachgoers were surprised to discover they were sharing the waves with a mini-Jaws this past weekend on Long Island when a live shark washed up on shore. A crowd of onlookers formed around 10:15 AM last Friday at Robert Moses Field Two as a dorsal fin poked out of the water followed by a long pointed tail and of course, a set of shark teeth.

Lifeguards on the scene sprang in to action and moved to corral the shark as it appeared unable to swim through the current and back out into the ocean on it’s own. Local woman Janee Law was enjoying a day of sun and sand nearby when she spotted a commotion bubbling up nearby.

“I saw people were looking out into the water and pointing so I grabbed my phone and went down to the shoreline,” Law said. “There was a fin poking out of the water and the shark kept getting washed up on shore. I’m a Shark Week fan myself so just seeing the fin bobbing out of the water was so exciting. I’ve lived on Long Island my whole life and never saw a shark out here; it was awesome.”

Shark sightings have surged in the past 12 months with at least 26 recorded instances in New York state. Marine experts believe rising ocean temperatures along with an increase in boating due to the pandemic are driving sharks to explore closer to the shore than they have in years past.

As for this particular shark’s adventure on to land, once lifeguards were able to remove the unexpected visitor from the shore they loaded it into the back of a cart and drove it further down the beach to release it back into the ocean ensuring the safety of humans and ocean predator alike.


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  1. Kevin says:

    He never released it. Sashimi for dinner I suppose.

  2. Scott R Thomas says:

    When you said “shark”, I thought you meant “SHARK”, not some over sized cod fish. Thank god for the life guard, if that shark could have opened his mouth wide enough, he might have nipped someones little toe. Sensational headline for a big nothing burger, there REALLY is nothing to see here folks!

  3. Soylentgreentea says:

    Stupid humans

  4. real 93 says:

    lol… that is a harmless sand shark ( a dime a dozen out here) it belongs in the water more than those obese fatties!!

  5. William says:

    Why didn’t he put it back in the water??? it was obviously a small Juvenal shark, no threat to anyone… I hate to see these actions.

  6. Dangerous Dangus says:

    That tiny juvenile shark was absolutely zero danger to those land whales. Why were they wasting their time?

  7. Josh Martin says:

    A lot of obese human whales on that beach

  8. LA Fitness says:

    Bunch of land whales breached on that beach…

  9. John Lafeets says:

    Wonder what kind of shark it was? That would have made for some fine eating if it was a mako.

    1. Jim says:

      Based on the long tail, it looked like it could be a nurse shark

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