Protest Lasted About 90 Minutes On July 25

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A New Jersey teen thought she was only exercising her First Amendment right when she organized a protest in support of Black Lives Matter.

Not long after, she received a bill for thousands of dollars in the mail from the mayor, CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reported.

After watching thousands of Americans show support for the Black Lives Matter movement, Emily Gil, 18, was inspired to hold her own rally at home in Englewood Cliffs.

“It’s an issue we care about. And we notice these issues in our own towns, so we can do something about it,” said Gil.

She also wanted to highlight a lack of affordable housing.

In June, Gil said she notified local officials about the protest and even met with the police chief to iron out logistics.


The protest went off without a hitch on July 25 and lasted about 90 minutes.

“I would say it went really well,” said Gil. “We stood there with our signs and people were honking and showing support.”

A few days later, Gil said she received a letter from Mayor Mario Kranjac, billing her for about $2,500 worth of police overtime used during the protest.

“I was shocked when I read that I had to pay to exercise my First Amendment right,” said Gil, who thinks she was being targeted for her take on affordable housing in the community.

The mayor said he is the first in decades to combat the housing issue and had no problem with the protest.

“And we made sure that we fulfilled and satisfied our obligation to make sure that they can exercise their freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble,” said Mayor Kranjac.

Kranjac said the borough has an ordinance in place that allows it to bill for any expenses incurred for police services at private events. The bill sent to Gil was standard protocol, he said.

“We always bill… the bicycle race or running race or any other event, where our police are used, including utility work, people pay for the overtime,” said the mayor.

Gil argued this will inevitably silence young people who can’t afford to pay.

“I feel like if that voice is taken away, it’s really a big loss for the community at large,” said Gil.

The mayor said the money is due “sometime soon.” If Gil can’t pay, he’ll leave it up to the borough administrator to settle the issue.

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UPDATE: Mayor Rescinds Police Overtime Bill Sent To Teen Who Organized Black Lives Matter Rally In Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

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  1. Deysi Cortes says:

    Parents of Emery Gil they need to pay for all the hours of Police ! These are the parents that allow that brat to send emails to ask for destruction and fires. Parents of these brat did not teach her to be responsable citizen that work hard and love America. If they hate America so much why dont leave America. Really we dont need hateful people in this country. Hopefully other city Police Depts does the same . America is tired of this violence Enough is enough .We all are americans not enemies.

  2. Pat Carroll says:

    It’s unfortunate that the police did not inform her when they met to discuss logistics that she was liable for police security costs. She should pay it because if she doesn’t her credit history will be screwed up for decades. She is so young that she cannot even imagine what that means.

  3. roughman998 says:

    I hate BLM, but this is a real outrage! Clearly an infringement on First Amendment rights!

  4. JOSE says:


    1. roughman998 says:

      This was a peaceful demonstration, Genius.

      1. Kevin says:

        HOW MANY ARE NOT. Freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee to the freedom to be heard. Protests are not to be accompanied by burning looting and killing. What the hell do they think they are showing support for. A terrorist group. So no it was not a peaceful protest.

  5. Charles Martel says:

    -I never cared if you were “gay” until you started shoving it in my face, and the faces of my children.
    -I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems.
    -I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.
    -I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems.
    -I never cared if you were well-off or poor until you said you were discriminated against when I was promoted because I worked harder.
    -I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine until you said my beliefs were wrong.
    My patience and tolerance are gone.
    I’m not alone in feeling this way, there are millions of us who do……and we have had enough!

  6. carcar jinks says:

    the town has a population of 5,300 people.
    lots of small towns like that can’t even afford a full-time fire department.
    they’re just doing what they have to do to pay for the overtime.
    police services aren’t free.

    1. Ken Guyer says:

      Typical of the youth of today, EVERYTHING IS FREE! No one is taking away your first amendment rights, but they are making you pay for the costs, very fair and real. MAGA/KAG 2020

    2. Kevin Nelson says:

      Nonsense. There was no need for any police services. This is a money grab and attempt to stifle her free speech/

  7. Elva Methe says:

    Of course she should pay. When I rented out a county club house for a reception, I had to pay for security (off duty cop making a side job out of it) it has to do with the city’s exposure, the city’s insurance policy. She said she had the bright idea, that she organized it, so she should be billed.

    1. Kevin Nelson says:

      That isnt a 1st amendment protected activity, this was.

  8. Lee says:

    I hope the police officers like offering their services for ‘free.’ And last time I checked, BLM is anything but an equality for justice group. The co-founder of BLM, Patrice Cullers, even claims she is a trained Marxist. The goal is to destroy America as we know it, and replace it with Marxist/Communist rule. This delusional 18 year old believes she’s doing something for a cause. She’d have been better to come up with her own equality for justice group. Meanwhile, in Kenosha, WI:

    This all reminds me of exactly how the Nazis started, and we saw the what happened after they got a foothold.

  9. Kevin Provance says:

    Stupid white girl ought to get herself a job and live in the real world. Because at this point, no one cares anymore. A drug addict overdosed and a child rapist reached for a weapon. Some martyrs!

  10. Lahkweeshah Uvitirah Yahkwaanzah Smith says:

    George Soros will foot the bill.

  11. sage1949 says:

    Why would this person think that her event comes with free security provided by the city? Welcome to the real world. This certainly would have been discussed at her pre-event meeting. Extra officers have to be brought in to cover security. It’s common knowledge that municipalities are compensated for providing a police presence at special events. They have budgets to follow. And now with the call to defund police, you will be lucky to get help from them in a timely manner for genuine emergencies. This person has a right to free speech, but not at the cost of the taxpayers.

  12. David N Tate says:

    I don’t have a problem with sending protest organizers a bill. That is common practice. I would like to see BLM and ANTIFA billed for the nedical expenses incurred by officers over the last four months as well as bills for damage to public and private property that has been damaged or destroyed; including historic Confederate memorials. More than $2 Billion in damage has been incurred. BLM should pay for it.

  13. Guests says:

    A public protest is a now a private event, as long as you don’t agree with the cause.

    Is the mayor going to send himself a bill for extra security next time he holds a fund raiser or donation event? This entire situation is comical.

  14. Richard Horowitz says:

    Unconstitutional on it’s face; akin to a poll tax. You can’t charge people for exercising their first amendment rights. If this were constitutional cities could make it so expensive to protest that the right would only be available for the very rich.

  15. Maxwell says:

    In an effort to sensationalize and grab headlines they seem to avoid facts that might better explain the reasoning behind her receiving a bill. First-off did they know who she was and label her the organizer? Did she actually file for a permit as the Organizer and provide her name? Do applications for events explain costs incurred for events? most cities do?

    If they decide to rescind her costs, taxpayers should be prepared to foot the bill for every event held in their city ..they wouldn’t want to discriminate or give preferential treatment to some, that would be illegal.

  16. Gamera says:

    Always funny when real life hits a clueless liberal. Demo-KKK-kraps don’t even know the difference between a boy and a girl yet, can’t expect them to think logically.

  17. Sol says:

    Well, she learned a valuable life-lesson: find some other zit to ‘take point’ next time so YOU don’t get the bill. Speech can be free, but admittedly organizing your own rally isn’t. She said she previously met with the TopCop to ‘iron out logistics’ and there was NO mention about who’d ‘pay the butcher’s bill’? I doubt it.

  18. mountainwocky says:

    She should follow Trump’s example and not pay. He still owes hundreds of thousands to cities for police working his events.

  19. Johnny Kay says:

    “In June, Gil said she notified local officials about the protest and even met with the police chief to iron out logistics. . . The protest went off without a hitch on July 25 and lasted about 90 minutes.”

    We may disagree with positions that some people may advocate, but they still have the right to peacefully demonstrate. Charging those who do so is the same as charging people for expressing their right to peacefully protest — and that is entirely unacceptable.

    How would you feel if you peacefully demonstrated in support of David Dorn or Cannon Hinnant and were billed for that?

    I am not saying we should ever be pushovers in the face of violence, looting, or road-blocking, but we must acknowledge the right to peacefully demonstrate on behalf of ideas with which we disagree.

    1. Reese says:

      they would have to pay, read the mayors quote “We always bill… the bicycle race or running race or any other event, where our police are used, including utility work, people pay for the overtime,” said the mayor.”

    2. Maxwell says:

      Well Johnny ..You do have a right to free speech stand up and be heard ..but when you organize an even and create a large group of people that can obstruct others rights to free speech or travel ..there has to be someone there to preserve the rights of everyone involved, the passerby and protestor ..that’s where the Police come in ..and that’s why the Organizer has to be held accountable for creating an event that effects many people, and not just one person’s right to free speech.

  20. No ONe says:

    The first amendment does not come with the guarantee of not having any financial implications. If you express your opinion via a paid web service, or through a publication that comes with a cost – to someone. If you have signage or other media created, that comes at a monetary cost.

  21. TomAZ says:

    Sounds like government extortion.

  22. Sage says:


  23. daas says:

    Put them all in jail. They are seditionist and Marxist thugs.

  24. Sam Green says:

    The bill the mayor send was rescinded. It would be nice if the story was updated.

    1. Aother idiot politician.

  25. Bobby Sargent says:

    Socialism 101, It’s FREE until everybody else’s money runs out!

  26. Estelle says:

    Soros would be glad to cover the bill.

  27. Richard Boltuck says:

    Police exist to provide the PUBLIC service funded from the general budget of “serving and protecting” the public — and when someone exercises their Constitutional rights in the public square, they are entitled, like all members of the public, to receive this public service. Otherwise, where do we draw the line? If someone is protected by the police from being mugged walking down the street, they don’t receive a bill because walking down the street is a private event. They are simply exercising their rights in a normal way. Same thing with a protest in a public space.

    1. Robert Hunter says:

      Again, no one is telling anyone they cannot exercise their rights. It is just the same as protesting against a movie for it’s content. If you don’ like the movie, don’t watch it. If you want to have your own private little protest then pay for it. Police respond to emergencies. Planned protests are not emergencies. They take officers away from actual emergencies and therefore extra officers need to be assigned. It is simple math. Want your own “protest” then pay for it.

  28. Will says:

    An attempt to silence, nothing more nothing less. The Mayor knew this would be the result when he was speaking with her and went the underhanded “we’ll show her” route and didn’t tell her in advance it might costs her.

  29. jimmy not that jimmy says:

    I exercise my second amendment right. It doesn’t mean i get the pistol, ammo, training classes and CCW permit for free.

  30. Jimmy not that jimmy says:

    That’s funny. But to be fair, the NFL and NBA should also get the bill for police security required during games.

    1. Mac says:

      You are kidding, right? Police Security at NFL and NBA games is paid for by the teams.

  31. dksuttle says:

    Like all liberals, she feels entitled to use public resources for private purposes.

  32. Roger Pointer says:

    These “protests” are actually causing racial tensions to escalate while actually producing nothing good, except for letting huge groups of white people VIRTUE SIGNAL their superiority, while changing absolutely NOTHING in the real world.

  33. D B says:

    Wow, this dumb little cupcake has a lot to learn about progressive politics and governance.

  34. Will Scott says:

    At no time was your Right to Free Speech taken away… NJ just found a way to bill you for it…oh and welcome to the world of being an Adult. Enjoy all the fees, levees, fines, taxes, regulations, laws and other crap passed by someone else.

  35. Mac says:

    Lets see – Gil said she notified local officials about the protest and even met with the police chief to iron out logistics. So she basically asked permission from the City to hold her event, and then requested Police security. Of course there is going to be a bill from the City for the Police security she asked for – it was essentially her private event.

    1. John Richards says:

      Not a private event – it was public, and police do not show up at private events. You have wrongly conflated the actual facts into a fabrication of your own making.

      1. Mac says:

        You are totally off here. A ‘Public’ event is one sponsored by the City, voted on and approved by City Council, and budget for in the City budget. A ‘Private” event is, for example, a bike race held with City permission, or as in this case a political rally held with City permission. Even though the ‘public’ attends, it is still classed as a private event, and any costs to the City are born and paid by the event organizers.

  36. kathy says:

    I’m sure the homeless shelter or food bank would have loved to have those thousands of dollars instead of achieving horn honks

  37. kathy says:

    Time to STOP holding signs to get horn honks and do something CONSTRUCTIVE. What did you achieve??? Why not volunteer and help people with education and food and stop the standing around.

    1. Gompers says:

      As we all know, the BLM protests, riots, and lootings have nothing to do with actual racial justice. The actions of the BLM organization (yes, it is an organization and not a movement) are based on revenge and politics. Dems come up with some excuse for violence every Presidential election. Last time it was Occupy Wall Street. The goal is to make it harder to elect a Republican.

  38. Fred Smedley says:

    Oh, I see. Everyone ELSE in the community is supposed to pay so that YOU can express YOUR views. Hate to break it to you, Snowflake, but it isn’t all about you. You’re not being stopped from doing anything, you’re simply being held accountable for what doing so costs.

    Welcome to the real wold.

    1. John Richards says:

      Commenters here are pretty hateful and stupid. They claim it isn’t “about you”, when it is obviously about THEM. To wit: A) they are unwilling to support this effort by this young lady, or the agenda; B) they are unwilling to do anything themselves, and likely have done nothing at all.

      Put the shoe on the other foot and watch how they would whine and cry if they were billed for police overtime because of the protests that THEY have (while carrying assault weapons, or rallying the right or any of the other events and activities that they have vocally supported).

      Anyone that wants to do good in this country is being attacked by hateful people. Anyone that wants to right any of the wrong or injustice or unfairness is being either verbally or physically attacked, online and off-line in the real world. Even the cities “ordinance” is a form of financial attack, claiming “overtime” was necessary for the event.

      At $25 per hour, that’s 100 hours of “time” being alleged by the police department. Seriously? For a 90 minute event? Nobody with basic math skills would agree. Exactly how many police were involved? Lets see the overtime records of hours logged by all the officers.

      1. Mac says:

        Your grasp of costs involved is way off. You have to figure costs per hour for pay/benefits/insurance, to include administrative costs. Here is what a local Police Dept lists as Special Event charges: Police Commander/HR – $108, Police Lieutenant/HR – $94, Police Sergeant/HR – $85, Police Corporal/HR – $73, Police Officer/HR – $63, Dispatcher/HR – $34, Vehicle/HR – $10.

        1. John Richards says:

          So we’re paying the Police Commander a minimum of $224,640 per year (2080 hours), to include the “administrative costs”? These officers would have be being paid truly exorbitant sums to justify the $2500 for 90 minutes. And this event required the presence of the Police Commander? I doubt this unless you can back it up with facts to support this claim. The bill was rescinded in any case, and she isn’t going to have to pay this. We may never know why – but fact checking this cost may have been a part of that decision.

          1. Sol says:

            Are you a taxpayer in that municipality? Go thou: complain about the incompetently negotiated union contract the next time they have a public session.

      2. “Anyone that wants to do good in this country is being attacked by hateful people. Anyone that wants to right any of the wrong or injustice or unfairness is being either verbally or physically attacked, online and off-line in the real world.”

        Kyle Rittenhouse comes to mind…

  39. Gompers says:

    Leftists have no problem for making others pay for their protests.

    Why should others pay for your rally, thus making it harder for them to pay for things of interest to them?

    That’s called theft.

  40. Herodotus says:

    How is supporting a felon addict resisting arrest and died of drug overdose a “good thing” Jerry? We’re all dying to hear………

  41. rufusvondufus says:

    If the stupid young nitwit does not pay and pay regularly put her axx in jail and let her see that she is not above the law.

  42. Jerry w Ickles says:

    I think there should be a sign when entering Englewood Cliffs…
    Honorable Mayor Mario Kranjac

    1. Gompers says:

      It’s not “punishment” to ask people to pay for the resources they consume.

      Why should one political position be subsidized by others, including people who disagree with that position?

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