Gov. Andrew Cuomo: 'New York City Knows [Trump] For The Joke That He Is'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)President Donald Trump announced Wednesday night he is beginning the process of defunding New York City.

The president has been running on a law-and-order agenda, but now he’s upped the ante by beginning the process of defunding New York City, denying the city some $7 billion, CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports.

In memo to the U.S. Attorney General and the office of management and budget, Trump claimed that anarchy had broken out in some of our states and cities. He cited Portland, Seattle, Washington and New York City, writing, “My administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones.”

He said New York City officials have allowed the violence to spike and blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city council for voting to cut funding to the police, adding, “It is imperative that the Federal Government review the use of Federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence, and destruction in America’s cities.”

“It’s cheap, it’s political, it’s gratuitous, and it’s illegal,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

The governor in a conference call Wednesday night mocked the president in perhaps his most scathing fashion ever.

“New York City knows him for the joke that he is. The people who know him best like him least,” he said.

The governor says the president wants to kill New York City, and he says he’s no longer welcome in this town.

“He can’t come back to New York. He can’t. He’s gonna walk down the street in New York? Forget bodyguards, he better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York,” Cuomo said.

A spokesperson for Mayor de Blasio tweeted, “As much as Donald Trump wants New York City to drop dead, we will never let this stand. This has nothing to do with ‘law and order’. This is a racist campaign stunt out of the Oval Office to attack millions of people of color.”

The White House memo instructs the budget director to issue guidance in 30 days to come up with ways to redirect funds away from so-called anarchist jurisdictions.

Cuomo says the president can’t override the laws governing federal funding, and he believes the president is making a political statement more than anything else.

Mayor de Blasio adds, “We’ll see you in court.”

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Comments (11)
  1. CYRUS says:

    Regardless of what the President says, or if politics are at play, there is certainly a need for more law and order in our City. We cannot tolerate this significant rise in violent crime since it affects all of us in one way or another.

  2. Frump has been stealing from NY city and its workers for decades. He is the biggest piece of filth to ever get into power. As for right wing stupid contenders that have posted- it just shows that the biggest thieving of the entire country is being ignored. May your taxes go up and you lose everything Stan.

  3. Stan Fetzer says:

    Democrat politicians think that if they allow criminals to burn your cities that people will just give in and vote for these losers. Its called intimation folks. Face it, New York is corrupted welfare state that has burned more $$ on worthless programs using hard working people’s tax dollars. The federal government is under no obligation to give away money from other state’s tax payers to fund a run-away welfare state ridden with potholes New York gets what it deserves, nothing.

    1. shiboof says:

      What ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? Intimidation, is that what you are trying for?

      1. Stan Fetzer says:

        Its obvious from your response that you can’t dispute anything I said. So you’re saying crime is down? Stop denying gravity exists just because it doesn’t fit your world view.

  4. Randy Goldberg MD says:

    If Trump wants to withhold Federal dollars from New York, New York should withhold local dollars from the Feds – they’ll quickly be singing a different tune. We put in more than we get back. We survived John V Lindsey and Abe Beame, we’ll survive Donald Trump.

  5. J Schulte says:

    Trump simply wants to do with the law what a lot of NY’ers are doing with their feet….take their tax dollars elsewhere where they can be spent wisely. The Gov and Mayor are Dem-wits. MNYGA and dump the bums.

  6. Shelcy says:

    Maybe if NYS didn’t look to defund the people who protect us this would not be an issue. You can’t have money for something your not using. Common sense people! And how dare the governor threaten the president with violence. No matter what this president does, he will be bashed for it. If he were the one who defunded the police, you would all say he doesn’t care about the safety of the people. He is trying to ensure domestic tranquility and you are all putting up barriers to this. The people running NY have been doing all they do for political purposes. Do you even care about our safety?

  7. Gene glazer says:

    Ny state can defund the federal government and come out way ahead financially

    1. Sandra L Clark says:

      Oh, How I WISH New York City and the entire state of California would secede. What a great day for the rest of us here in the USA!

  8. mark dask says:

    Trump has Cy Vance Jr. on his mind.
    And he’s got A G Letitia James on his mind.
    And he’s got Acting SDNY Audrey Strauss on his mind.

    Tick tock…(he’s even trying to ban that!).

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