NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a new plan for enforcing mask rules on mass transit.

Starting Monday, Sept. 14, riders who are not wearing a face covering can be hit with a $50 fine, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

The plan, unveiled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has a twofold goal: reduce automobile congestion that’s once again choking the city, and boost ridership by convincing people mass transit is safe.

“New York City cannot deal with the vehicular traffic of everyone commuting by car and not taking public transportation,” said Cuomo.

“It’s really important that riders feel confident coming back to the system,” said Interim Transit Authority President Sarah Feinberg.

On Sept. 8, subway ridership was just over 1.5 million, down 72% from before the coronavirus pandemic.

Bus ridership was just over 1 million, down 53%.


“We also know that, even six months in, both in New York City and in other cities where transit ridership is even higher… no clusters of illness have been traced back to transit,” Feinberg said.

Mask compliance is already high: about 96% on buses, 90% on the subway, Long Island Railroad and Metro-North.

Officials said getting the numbers even higher would get more people to ride the subway.

“I always feel much safer when I’m in a subway car and I see everybody wearing masks. Whenever there’s people without them, I get a little nervous,” said Anette Fletcher, from Washington Heights.

MTA police will enforce the fines. Officials hope the NYPD will also participate.

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Comments (10)
  1. Dale Gribble says:

    Eat the ticket, then take it to it’s fullest extent in court, including demanding a jury trial if possible. Guaranteed that you can waste more than $50 of their resources for this scare tactic.

  2. jnobfan says:

    Who in their right mind would get on NYC subway?

  3. Ekkie says:

    Good luck enforcing that. You think cops are going to bother?

  4. Doo Little NY says:

    hmmm.. defunded police and enforce mask wearing.. hmm.

  5. Vree Gardner says:

    What a joke, with all the horrors/crimes that happen on the NYC subway not wearing a mask and getting a fine is so silly
    I have witnessed people masturbating, urinating, having sex, smoking weed , and no one interfered
    So not wearing a mask you think some city official will risk their life

  6. LA NUKKA says:

    Unenforceable + unconstitutional. Good luck collecting, not only that but this is straight up harrassment and will be tolerated. If a Nazi approached, just stab + twist. Cut that fool

    1. Allan Lyhand says:

      Politicians and unionized government employees are a top to bottom crime gang

      1. Joe Wong says:

        Yery True statement – that’s why they are now called DEMOCROOKS !!!!!

  7. sitabag says:

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  8. Joe Wong says:

    Welcome to King Kwomo’s Collpasing State of Amerika, or Communist’s states of America…..This may be very difficult to enforce, since they can’t even enforce the farebeating situation on the subways (many customers or passengers entering thru those emergency exit slam gates) and buses (NovaBuses LFS & LFSA’s back doors in particular) which many farebeaters especially in the Bronx and Staten Island uses these poorly designed door openings to hop-on thru the back door without paying, which deprives the MTA of their funds to keep the system functional. Another stupid thing is that some or at times many customers or people would walk on the bus with a dollar bill, and start to ask for change, and then dissappear into the crowd, which also beats the fare in the process, since the old fareboxes does NOT accept dollar bills, like all or many other systems that does.

    Also, the (R) train for Rancid, Rarely or Rotten. you can easily wait over 20+ minutes for a train to arrive whenever you’re waiting for it at any given time of the day, then three or more trains would show-up at the same time followed by another very long waiting period. Should I say more ??? Carry On folks….

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