NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD confirms actor Rick Moranis was randomly attacked by a stranger Thursday on the Upper West Side.

Police said it happened in broad daylight just before 7:30 a.m. on Central Park West near 70th Street.

Surveillance cameras captured the attack on the 67-year-old “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and “Ghostbusters” actor.

Video shows the suspect, ironically wearing an “I Love New York” sweatshirt, walk up and punch Moranis in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Police said Moranis went to the hospital with pain in his head, back and hip. He later walked to the precinct to report the crime.

The NYPD’s new community affairs rapid response team checked on Moranis, as it does with many victims of violent crimes to offer support, groceries, or anything they may need.

“He’s doing well. He’s strong. He’s recovering. He has some injuries to his left side,” Det. Kaz Daughtry told CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis.

“He just wants to stay home. He just wants to recover and he just wants peace of mind,” said Officer Jonadel Dorrejo.

Meantime, the search continues for the suspect. Police are asking the public to be on the lookout.

Moranis’ management team told CBS2 he is “fine, but grateful for everyone’s thoughts and well wishes.”

Neighbors said he’s a very nice guy, and they were shocked to hear about the unprovoked attack.

“That why we moved here – to be safe,” said resident Jonathan Kurtin. “Everything’s been good, but I guess trying times. People do strange things, and they’re not always nice… You’ll be looking over your shoulder a lot more often.”

“I’m worried about the whole situation. I’m worried about the fact that everybody’s troubled and they’re so troubled there’s more crime,” a woman who lives in the same building as Moranis said.

She also left him a note.

“I said I was really sorry to hear about it. It must’ve been scary,” she said. “We were on the board together of this building. Nice guy. Really nice guy.”

Moranis has been off the big screen for years to focus on his children after his wife’s passing, but recently appeared in a Mint Mobile commercial with Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds tweeted Friday:

Anyone with information about the attack is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). You can also submit a tip via their website or on Twitter, @NYPDTips. All calls are kept confidential.

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  1. Marvin says:

    Looks like the work of one of the mutants of 2051 ad.

    1. J West says:


  2. Mofo Sheee says:

    Rickey just became culturally enriched!

    1. Velouria says:

      Right, because when white people live in an area with other races they will get attacked by said people of other races because whites are superior. They only shoot up malls.

  3. MarkJensen says:

    Rather funny how some people in the comments used this as an opportunity to be racist. Do you really care about the guy or are you using this crime to reaffirm your racist beliefs? Freaking idiots .

    1. Demar Johnson says:

      You are surely pushing your prerogative, but the reality is that if the races were reversed, the headlines would rather follow the narrative of a racist attack. This was a racist attack on an older gentleman for no reason.

    2. Sven Labelle says:

      BLM supporter this guy was for sure.

      1. Velouria says:

        How so.

    3. sebie says:

      That’s one way to create more Trump voters.

    4. Lolreally? says:

      Gee not as bad as burning down car dealerships when violent pedos get shot by police. Is it? Are you actually kidding right now?

    5. Idiot says:

      Maybe BLM can take the exact same message and advice that you are doling out to random keyboard warriors, lol. Have you ever stepped back to think about that?

    6. Reality says:

      Reality is, if the races were reversed, we’d hear about it front page and center for weeks on every mainstream and have to see one hour specials about how privileged and evil we are. Get real.

      1. Joanne says:

        Don’t forget that the building would be burning down about now also, so there’s that….

  4. Gamera says:

    Anyone like the “resident” who moves to NYC (my chithole town) to “be safe” needs their head examined. I wonder if Moranis is a bleeding heart and will just brush this off as his attacker was just searching for some loaves of bread?

  5. even fair says:

    hey lebron james…THIS IS WHY!

  6. Edwin says:

    Because Lies Matter.

  7. Keep voting for Democrats and that is what will happens to all of us. If Democrats win (God forbid), guns will be confiscated against the free and peaceful citizens and those dangerous thugs will enter your houses by force and kill us inside our houses. This is what the Democrats are planning for the Americans, Chaos, and total devastations. If Democrats win, there will be no more free election, no Supreme Justices as we know it. Keep voting for the Democrat President and legislatives to destroy America from within.

  8. Karl Krawford says:

    Will this be considered a “RACIAL ATTACK”?

  9. Escobar says:

    Negroes are wild animals that understand only strength

  10. Jack McCready says:

    Avoid the groid.

  11. Barry says:

    Typical of this community. 5’4″. 67 ears old. If it wasn’t him it would have been an 85 year old white woman in a wheel chair. Because that’s how that community rolls.

  12. C. Vanessa says:

    This is not some new phenomenon, devils have been walking up to strangers and punching them in the head and knocking them to the ground for decades. Many years ago a real demon slammed my father in the face with a lead pipe, causing, my father to slam his head on the pavement , he woke up in Bellvue Hospital. Years later my sweet dad developed dementia. I hope Ric will be okay. I hope they find that monster and put him behind bars and give him a mental evaluation.

  13. suzbo says:

    Community rapid response team? Really? Here have a starbucks on us for the trouble of having to be hospitalized by a peaceful protester in DeBlazio’s city.

  14. Tim Adams says:

    “This if for Ghostbusters II !” Walks on.

  15. Robert the Wise says:

    Chris Cuomo assures me this a mostly peaceful assault.

  16. Jeff Wright says:

    No description of the perp. I wonder why??

    1. Boz says:

      Uh…maybe because they posted a photo of him?

  17. Jose Arciniega says:

    To be fair, maybe the assailant just watched Space Balls for the first time.

  18. panbk says:

    Yes, yes, keep electing Democrats — like DiBlasio or Biden…

  19. Mi Hu says:

    “A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before.”
    — Frank Rizzo

  20. Sum Ting Wong says:

    That right there is why you cross the street to avoid getting close to a thug. Would rather be called raciss than get killed by a worthless animal.

  21. hitrestart1 says:

    “That’s why we moved here; to be safe.”

    Seriously? Who moves to NYC to be safe???

    1. Dusty R. says:

      I assume they meant the upper west side specifically. It’s a safer, more affluent part of NYC.

    2. Steve says:

      People who actually know things. Except for this year of course, NYC has been in the top three of the safest cities of population of 100,000 or more pretty much every year for the past 20 years.

  22. redmerlot says:

    Yup… it’s got to be the “knockout” game… because our worthless crop of teenagers and 20-somethings have nothing else to do. Take heart, this was recorded by somebody on video so they can post it to social media. That’s the whole point of the “game”. Maybe somebody will see it there and will know this guy.

  23. Peter Wentz says:

    No, it’s called the attack and kill “whitey” game; go ahead and google it. Watch the videos of the nigroes in all the riot cities…..they go after white cops with great zeal and white business owners.

  24. astralweeks says:

    A shining example of the what the media refers to as ‘a mostly peaceful protester’.

  25. Richard says:

    It’s called the knockout game. Google it.

  26. Polina N says:

    Heard about this on the radio. DIdn’t need to see the video.

  27. Ross Poldark says:

    This should be labeled as a race hate crime. Why is it more often than not, the ethnic logistics of the assailant is often the same!? All human lives matter regardless of color or ethnic background.

  28. John Smith says:

    Democrats are dangerous

  29. BLM DeBlasio says:

    The solution to this is of course to defund the police and offer more race sensitivity training.

  30. User says:

    Gorillas are violent.

    1. Ross Poldark says:

      Here are some BLM rioters fighting I witnessed recently.

  31. nts says:

    We all know what the motive is in these times of the institutions, 24 hour news networks and leftist media promoting the false idea of ‘challenging white privilege’. Worked up by said media over these months, the perp saw a white guy and attacked him because of his skin color. That was their motive, racial hatred.

    And you can bet that he has “no snitching” friends who are cheering him for not only “punching out white privilege” but also for doing it to a white actor. Leftists all over twitter certainly are happy over this. They do see this as fighting white privilege also.

    1. And as if this isn’t bad enough, had this not been a celebrity, it would just be another day in the upper-east-side. The media wouldn’t care if it has been just a regular minion.

      1. So true, sad commentary on society…

      2. Paul says:

        You are exactly right………another white person punched in the face or assaulted is some other way……..nothing to see here, move along. We need to reserve space for some perceived racism that shows systemic white racism. We will bury this story so it does not live for more than a day.

  32. CYRUS says:

    This vile, bizarre behavior seems to be happening more frequently. In this case, chances are this may be a severely mentally ill individual that is not being properly supervised or monitored , which is sadly not surprising in this City..

    1. nts says:

      I wouldn’t say their mentally ill. They’re completely in their normal mind. Remember, so many influential groups an organizations in this country do consider these incidents as being about ‘fighting white privilege’.

    2. David says:

      More like an angry young man who’s father didn’t teach him respect…..and now lives in a city which is turning and looking the other way as it consumes itself because of a TERRIBLE MAYOR and his policies

  33. Htos 1av says:

    Why don’t they come to the deep dark woods in military based north Florida and do that? He’d be a HERO!

  34. Lou says:

    Wonder if Moranis is a BLM supporter.

  35. Reed Thomson says:

    Burn Loot Murder … It’s what the commies do…

    1. lightskin hater says:

      if this really is about attacking white privilege, then I’m all for it. let’s get rid of all those racist people. BLM stands for burn lightskinned men. burn them all..they deserve it for all their atrocities against people of color. what a disgusting race of people that should be exterminated.

      1. F-Biden says:

        Just going to take a guess…’re big and fat and always uncomfortable. I’m right aren’t I?

      2. Harry says:

        Hey, look. The assailant is posting here also.

  36. sarah says:

    This behavior has been going on for a long time….it has only gotten worse under Trumps America then has emboldened those that want to exhibit hate no matter what the reason.

    1. deontray lebron washington says:

      hussein obama and his wife started all of this hate its all on them and u know it

    2. pcnav says:

      This is New York City, home of evil democrat behavior. This is all on De Bozo the mayor.

    3. Keep drinking that blue kool-aid Sarah (karen)… you’re a clueless progressive apologist.

    4. nts says:

      Except this was an incident of racial hate empowered by those who share YOUR political views. Do you not get that they see this as ‘fighting white privilege’. And here you are trying to make an excuse for what happened by placing blame elsewhere when you know full well that it is your political and social leanings that are trying to make racial intolerance acceptable in the pursuit of social justice. That is what you leftists support.

    5. The Real Donald Trump says:

      Your sinking into the swamp sarah

    6. Trumpy says:

      Sarah….you are delusional……Its is the left that is behind the rooming, violent thugs. All started under Odumbo and this racist wife. Wise up buttercup.

    7. Patriot Jack says:

      A mostly peaceful assault.

  37. yesmrbond says:

    He got the BLM treatment up close and personal. Probably blames himself for his inherent white privilege and a perceived microaggression that he gave off to the traveling “Yout”

    1. Butch says:

      You sound butthurt that your precious little Trumpy bear is feeling under the weather. Don’t worry–he’ll be taken care of.

      1. The Real Donald Trump says:

        Your Fired

    2. F*ck Biden says:

      You nailed Mr Bond……hilarious

  38. Jeff Flake says:

    and…..nobody is surprised! Just another peaceful protester.

  39. Hill Clinton says:

    this is the handiwork of the Democrats, this is our future. on the brightside look at how peaceful the victim looks as he is knocked out

    1. Hill Clinton Is A Bot says:

      Wtf does this have to do with any political party you dumb russian bot

  40. swimologist says:

    Wasn’t he due to move to Miami with the rest of his ((family))?

  41. radiologyken says:

    Where’s Sharpton now with this hate crime? MSM will be silent.

  42. Barry says:

    Bet you he WAS in favor of defunding police and a BLM supporter.

  43. Julie says:

    Genetically prone to violence, it is genetic. No amount of money or opportunities or education will change it. That is the truth they are keeping from us.

    1. deontray lebron washington says:

      everyone with a brain cell knows the truth

  44. Aboli says:

    Typical. Nothing out of the ordinary.

  45. Bob Jans says:

    Who ya gonna call! At some point New Yorkers (that are left), please wake up. It will only get worse until you vote people in that will support the police and YOU!

  46. Ross says:

    Time to deport every single Amish…

  47. STOIC says:

    A N M H
    L I U A
    L G S N
    G T G

  48. STOIC says:


  49. Joe Lied says:

    Joe Biden’s America

    1. el kekistano says:

      13/50. this is what (((they))) want to replace us with. couldn’t have happened to a nicer tribe.

    2. Joe Lied Lied says:

      Lmao this literally happened under the Trump administration

  50. el kekistano says:

    Honey I clunked the yid!

      1. Reed Thomson says:

        Kvetching Intensifies…

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