NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Former Wall Street executive Ray McGuire has officially entered the race for mayor of New York City with a video narrated by Spike Lee.

The video shows McGuire running through the streets of New York, while Lee talks about the toll the COVID pandemic has taken on the city in losses of life and in businesses shut down.

McGuire is running as a Democrat.

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He says New Yorkers can get the city working again.

“This time we will make sure it’s a city that works for everyone. Some folks say New York City is done. But to paraphrase the great Muhammad Ali, if you ever dream about beating New York City, you better wake up and apologize,” McGuire said in the video.

McGuire had been the head of investment banking at Citigroup for 13 years before leaving his job in October.

“New Yorkers are scared. They are scared of losing their jobs. They are scared of violence in their neighborhoods. And they’re scared of COVID. And I “understand the fears and anxieties New Yorkers have from how I grew up,” McGuire said.

McGuire was raised by a single mom in Ohio. He says they didn’t have money, education was his ticket out, and he has the life and leadership experience for City Hall.