NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Nassau County is kicking off a campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated for COVID-19 once it’s available.

The campaign is in response to recent polls that found as many as half of Americans have concerns about the vaccine.

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Nassau County officials said the “We Can Do It, Nassau” campaign is meant to promote confidence in the vaccine and get communities ready.

State health officials say for the COVID vaccine to be effective 75-85% of New Yorkers need to take it.

“I never take the flu and would never take their COVID,” one person said.

“I’m on the edge. I don’t know, to be honest,” said another.

“How do you know its proven to work?” another said.

Polls show 50% of Americans are reluctant, skeptical and scared. So COVID education campaign kickoffs are underway to squelch misinformation.

“We’ll stress the importance of vaccines in order to get back to normal, to keep our economies open, not just to prevent further restrictions, to get rid of the restrictions that we have, to get our kids back in school,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran.

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“The distribution of this vaccine will be an historic undertaking, unlike anything we have achieved since World War II,” she added.

To build confidence in the vaccine, “Rosie the Riveter,” WWII icon, will be the face of Long Island’s public awareness war on COVID.

“You can see she’s got the Nassau County logo on the band aid on her arm,” Curran said.

County leaders say a rollout with specifics on where to go, how the vaccine will be implemented, who gets it first, whether it will be free to all will be announced in coordination with Albany in the coming days.

“It’s really important with a two dose vaccine that the administering is done in a very steady, secure manner,” said Nassau County Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein.

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Doctors say vaccine side effects — possible fever, chills, painful arm — will disappear in 24-48 hours.

“Do you want side effects in your lung? That’s what you get from the virus when you inhale it. Or do you want it in your arm, which you get with the vaccine?” said Dr. David Agus on CBS This Morning. “I’m not worried about long term side effects.”

Long Island has the highest jump in New York state.

There is concern long lines for COVID testing are deterring some from finding out if they are spreading the virus.

People of trust-setting examples seem to sway public opinion on the vaccine.

“Popular politicians will be taking it on TV,” on person said.

“Well if the president’s going to take it on camera,” said another.

“I’m ready to get it,” said a third.

Nassau plans to blanket all communities with testimonials, information and education to make sure no one is left out.

Meanwhile, Facebook says it plans to remove misinformation about coronavirus vaccines from its Facebook and Instagram platforms.

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That includes false claims debunked by public health experts and conspiracy theories about vaccine safety, ingredients or side effects.

Previously, Facebook made vaccine misinformation posts less visible, but stopped short of removing them.

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