NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New York City is saying goodbye to Donald Trump, becoming the latest in a long line of institutions seeking to punish the president because of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

The contracts are for two ice skating rinks at Central Park, the Central Park carousel and the Trump golf links at Ferry Point, a city-owned golf course in the Bronx.

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The city is canceling lucrative contracts worth $17 million, but the Trumps aren’t taking it sitting down.

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As CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reports, the man who built the city’s Wollman skating rink has been on thin ice with the city almost from the start of his presidency.

Now Donald Trump is being frozen out – stripped of concessions to run two skating rinks, a golf course and the carousel in Central Park, which puts $17 million into his pockets.

“We are not going to do business with a criminal organization. If I said to you should we do business with the mafia, you’d say no,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Unfortunately at this point, the Trump organization is just another organized crime organization.”

The mayor doubled down when Kramer asked him if comparing the president to a mafia don was just a little strong.

“We saw him live on TV incite an insurrection. I mean, what do you got to see to be convinced that someone is acting in a criminal fashion? It’s absolutely, it’s treasonous,” de Blasio said.

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The Trump Organization vowed a court battle.

“Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s blatant disregard for the facts,” said a spokesperson for the Trump Organization. “The City of New York has no legal right to end our contracts and if they elect to proceed, they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million dollars. This is nothing more than political discrimination, an attempt to infringe on the First Amendment and we plan to fight vigorously.”

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Corporation Counsel James Johnson said the city is within its rights to say goodbye, Trump.

“The sense of irony is strong. Last week they trampled on the constitution. This week, they want to stand up,” he said. “The first amendment doesn’t protect your ability to incite wrongful, harmful and lethal conduct.”

“Any way you could hit him financially is how you get his attention,” said Michael Baker of Jersey City.

“The thing that Trump has done, he needs to be punished in some way,” said Hell’s Kitchen resident Michael Mayer.

“I can’t believe it took this long,” said Adiella Stadler.

“It’s a bad idea,” one person said.

“Trump is good person, he’s a very nice person,” said Ahmed bel-Bihar.

The city says it’s going to immediately begin to find others to run the concessions.

The move comes after the PGA announced it has canceled the 2022 PGA championship at a Trump golf course. The city says its contract with the Trump Organization calls for a championship level golf course that would attract major championship events.

The city says it has the right to terminate the contract “at will” as long as the decision is not arbitrary or capricious.

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