COMMACK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It’s a touching tale of two towns.

A Long Island fire department is sending help to firefighters down south to aid a town lacking the proper lifesaving gear, CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reported Monday.

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The community of Rugby, Tennessee – encompassing two rural square miles – and bustling Commack, New York are being brought together by their fire departments.

Commack sent a firetruck on a more than 800 mile journey to Rugby.

“No matter if we’re a huge city or a small, little town, the brothers are going to reach out and try to help,” said Clear Fork Area Volunteer Fire Department Deputy Chief Steve Dunshee.

“I think people are still in shock. They’ve never seen a truck that big in their little neck of the woods. It’s gonna be a big help, that’s for sure,” said Dunshee.

The five-member fire crew had two trucks, which stopped running, and lacked proper safety gear.

“We lost a little restaurant that was in town. We just didn’t have the equipment and the closest mutual aid is 20, 25 minutes away,” said Dunshee.

The retired New Hampshire firefighter started reaching out to friends up north for help, connecting with a used fire apparatus broker who was selling one of Commack’s old trucks. But it was $15,000 – way out of Rugby’s reach.

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“I went back to Commack to see if we could get the price down a little bit for them,” said Jim Gibbons from Signal 5 Fire Apparatus. “They said sure, no problem.”

“It wasn’t about the money. It was just trying to help them because they’re in desperate need,” said Commack Fire Department District Manager Andrew Spiler.

“We can donate a truck within New York State, but anyone outside of New York State would have to pay for it,” Spiler said.

Rugby got the 1989 model truck for just $1,000, which it paid for with donations.

Along with the firetruck, they were provided with safety gear like bunker coats and pants – six sets to cover the entire department.

“To us, it’s older equipment… To them, it’s a Christmas gift,” said Spiler.

“All our love and thanks to them,” said Dunshee.

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Commack’s old truck gets a new life in Rugby, where it will be used save lives.

Jenna DeAngelis