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WALDWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — If you’re still digging out from the last snowstorm, chances are you’re dreading another one.

Which will happen Tuesday.

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On Monday night, CBS2’s Nick Caloway took the temperature of some New Jersey residents.

Twice in the last week, Tri-State Area residents have been digging out. There was the monster storm a week ago that dropped more than 2 feet in some areas and then the fast-moving snow on Sunday that left more than half a foot in its wake.

All this snow has led to snowblowers being sold out nearly everywhere.

Caloway found customers at Home Hardware in Waldwick preparing for yet another round.

“Actually buying a new shovel because my 15-year-old shovel finally broke,” local resident Glenn Toepert said.

“I’m sick of it. My body is sore. I’m tired of waking up to more snow,” added Colleen Sullivan of Ridgewood.

The snowfall forecast for Feb. 9, 2021. (Photo: CBS2)

Just when you think you’ve had enough, there’s even more in the forecast for Tuesday and Thursday.

All of it has led to some serious snow fatigue.

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“And to hear that there’s two more storms coming this week, I can’t even! My kids need to come home and help us. SOS,” Sullivan said with a laugh.

It hasn’t been a record February for snowfall, but CBS2’s Lonnie Quinn said it has definitely been more active than usual.

“Yeah, I mean February has started off like gangbusters. But to put it in perspective for you, the last nine days has given us 22 inches of snow. A typical entire winter gives us 26 inches. So we’ve picked up close to that in about the first week of February,” Quinn said.

Aside from the shoveling and plowing and more shoveling, there has been fun to be had in all that snow.

Some parents said they are grateful for the excuse to get kids off the screens and outside.

“With the winter and COVID, there’s not much they can do inside. So might as well be out here having fun, fresh air, it’s good for them,” said Keri Youngberg of Glen Rock.

In Cranford, the snow is going to good use. Robert Schott created a 14-foot snow sculpture of the Lincoln Memorial, drawing crowds to come take a look and take it in.

And then there are the frozen pants popping up in Minnesota. It’s part of a frigid online challenge to raise money for charity, while also confusing neighbors in the process.

People in Bergen County that spoke to Caloway said the worst part about all the snow is figuring out where to put it. Snow piles are just getting taller, making it even harder to dig out next time.

CBS2’s Nick Caloway contributed to this report

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