(CBS Local)– David Pogue has been covering the world of science for decades as a writer, author and reporter for CBS Sunday Morning. The conversation about climate change becomes more mainstream each day with the changes happening to our globe and Pogue hopes his new book from Simon & Schuster called “How To Prepare For Climate Change” can enlighten people on what is happening.

In his book, Pogue writes about how you can talk to kids about climate change, how to approach a person who is a climate changer denier and the ways you can prepare your family for the changes happening all around us.

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“Almost everything you read about our response to climate change is about mitigating it. That’s super important and we need to keep doing that, but almost nobody has been talking about the other approach, which is to adapt and cope with what we already got,” said Pogue, in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “That’s becoming increasingly important as we realize these hurricanes, floods and wildfires are not a fluke.”

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In addition to keeping a close eye on the state of our globe, Pogue is also watching to see what the Biden administration does to deal with climate change. The author is really encouraged by the people President Biden has brought to Washington D.C. and the initiatives that have already been taken to deal with climate change for decades going forward.

“The world’s best scientists are working on this problem and we just elected a president who cares very strongly about fixing the problem. I could talk about the 39 executive orders he [President Biden] has already taken or rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, but I’m most excited about the people he’s picked to put in these positions. He’s essentially said that climate change effects are going to be a part of every department and every decision we make as a government. The people that he has picked are phenomenal. Even more important is the message it sends to the other giant polluters like China and India. It says we’re not playing. These other countries used to say why should we change our habits if the United States doesn’t care. Now we do care and maybe now as a planet, we can start to make real change.”

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Pogue’s book is available wherever books are sold and watch all of DJ Sixsmith’s interviews from “The Sit-Down” series here.