Community Activist Tony Herbert Says Anyone Caught With Illegal Firearm In City Should Face A Minimum Of 10 Years In PrisonBy CBSNewYork Team

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New numbers from the NYPD show gun violence in the city is on the rise this year.

There were 90 shootings in the city at this time last year, but so far in 2021 there have already been 118.

That includes eight shootings around the city on Tuesday, CBS2’s Christina Fan reported.

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A Brooklyn mother, who asked not to be identified, showed Fan the reason why she’s so fearful, even in her own home.

On Tuesday night, a stray bullet pierced through her Glenwood Houses apartment window, penetrating her kitchen wall.

“I’m grateful that I wasn’t hit by the bullet, but my whole life flashed in front of me because now I’m afraid. Where do I sleep or where do I stay where I have to worry about bullet coming through the window?” the woman said.

The shootings across the city on Tuesday resulted in 10 victims.

In Far Rackaway, a stray bullet hit a 30-year-old woman who was sleeping in her friend’s apartment.

On the Lower East Side, a 75-year-old woman was grazed while walking.

“This just speaks to the volume of guns that are in our community and the lack of respect the people have for the gun laws,” community activist Tony Herbert said.

Herbert is pushing for harsher penalties.

Before this week even started, shootings were up 20% citywide compared to this time last year, and up 44% compared to two years ago.

“What we have to do is send a message and say, hey look, if you are caught with an illegal firearm in our city, you will be charged with 10 years mandatory minimum of going to jail,” Herbert said.

The recent shootings have also coincided with a rash in subway crimes. This week, the NYPD deployed more than 600 officers into the transit system, but families say the situation above ground is equally dire.

“To live in this particular type of environment and trying to raise kids, how do you maintain a decent mental balance when you’re always afraid?” the Brooklyn mother said.

Inside or outside their homes, families feel like there is nowhere safe.

CBS2’s Christina Fan contributed to this report

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