NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week that summer camp is on in New York. Last year, overnight camps were shut down in the state due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this summer they’re open, along with day camps.

Susie Lupert, the head of the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey, told CBS2’s Cindy Hsu parents are signing up their kids.

“We’re seeing really positive signs of enrollment. Parents seem really excited to send their children to camp this summer,” Lupert said.


There are questions parents should be asking camp directors as they look at different camps. Lupert said, first off, make sure the camp is regulated by the Department of Health and accredited with the American Camp Association.

Also, ask about what health and safety protocols will be in place, find out about the staffing ratio between counselors and campers, ask what will be different this year, and find out what the refund policy is.

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Lupert said camps are also getting ready to help the kids deal with the transition from being home all the time to being around more people.

“A lot of camps are going through trainings about signs of mental health and what to be looking for,” Lupert said.

Camp Kinder Ring in Dutchess County is an overnight camp. Director Marc Rauch said he is learning a lot from overnight camps around the country that were permitted to open last summer.

“Things like health screenings and checks on a more regular basis, on a daily basis,” Rauch said. “I think there will definitely be a much bigger focus, more hand washing, sanitizing breaks during the day.”


Camp directors are still working out the details of sleeping arrangements in bunks and other changes needed to make sure children are safe. You can find a lot of information about summer camps on the American Camp Association website, and also by contacting people there who can walk you through the process.

“I think this is a giant moment for all of the children in New York and the opportunity to come to camp and to develop and to do all the things that they have missed out on in the past year,” Rauch said.

Especially letting kids just be kids.

As parents decide whether to send their child to camp, experts say it’s important for parents to keep any anxiety in check so their child doesn’t pick up on it.

Cindy Hsu