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HAVERSTRAW, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Gym members jumped into action when a man collapsed in the middle of his workout.

As CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reported, the terrifying ordeal was caught on camera.

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Surveillance video shows 67-year-old Earl Kellman’s workout at Titan Fitness in Haverstraw, New York last week.

It shows the moment he stopped to rack his weights. Then, he collapsed and narrowly missed hitting his head on the stack.

Other gym members noticed his limp body on the ground and ran to help.

“He had no pulse. We could see he was slightly foaming at the mouth,” said the gym’s owner Nathalia Bosquet, who’s also a nurse.

Bousquet rushed over to help. Two gym members, who are also first responders, did too.

“We couldn’t let him go down,” Bosquet told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon. “He can’t die in this gym.”

The three took turns doing CPR on Kellman while also using an automated external defibrillator.

“The brain needs oxygen and, after three minutes you start to begin to get damaged,” said Bosquet.

The group managed to revive Kellman in time for the arrival of EMTs.

Kellman, a school bus driver and father of five, is now recovering at the hospital.

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“I am glad to be a part of your family and I’m glad that you’re part of mine,” Kellmen told Bosquet.

Despite being told by doctors that his heart stopped, Kellman is in good spirits and says he can’t wait to get back to the gym.

“I’m definitely coming back if it’s possible,” he said.

“You’re coming back. We can’t wait to see you,” Bosquet told him.

Kellman said he’s grateful to everyone who was at the gym and stepped in to help when he collapsed. He said their quick thinking and training saved his life.

Bosquet and her husband Ronnie Guerra, a retired NYPD officer, agree.

“We were more impressed that everybody came together, in this time of COVID. No one actually hesitated to help Mr. Kellman,” Guerra said.

“I’m just one of God’s angels and he puts me where I’m supposed to be,” Bosquet said.

“It’s just kind of like the right place, right time, right people,” Guerra said.

The couple said their gym community coming together ultimately saved Kellman’s life.

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CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon contributed to this report.

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