EASTPORT, NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – George Dalecki found his passion by accident.

“I was a service rep and was sent to a home where a gentleman was doing stained glass,” he said. “My infatuation was born right there and then.”

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George Dalecki, owner of Seatuck Stained Glass (credit: CBS2)

Now, he runs Seatuck Stained Glass, an Eastport, Long Island retail outlet and workshop for commissioned stained glass pieces.

“We have a lot of glass in here, over 800 different colors and textures,” he said.

On a typical workday, he might be creating cabinet doors, transom lights, or suncatchers.

Seatuck Stained Glass (credit: CBS2)

“It’s a gentle and fun addiction,” he said.

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He cuts strips of glass and melts them in a kiln to create vibrant patterned dinner plates.

“It’s sort of like baking cookies except for the 1,500 degree part,” he said.

Although decades have passed since his introduction to stained glass, the colors still take his breath away.

“It’s like putting rainbows in your room,” he said.

His favorite part of the job is connecting with the wide variety of visitors drawn to his work.

“Talking with people is a joy,” he said. “That’s a bonus to me.”

Seatuck Stained Glass
490 Montauk Hwy
Eastport, NY 11941
(631) 325-0002

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