LACEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A wandering peacock is the talk of the town in Lacey Township, New Jersey.

As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported Friday, residents want to know where the exotic bird came from.

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Peaty the Peacock, or Mr. Peabody as some call him, is bright blue and green with massive trailing feathers.

He even has his very own Facebook page called “Where is the Lacey Peacock?” Locals have been using the page to track his whereabouts for the past month, posting pictures of his visits.

“He is absolutely gorgeous and everybody needs to have their mind on something else besides all the COVID that’s going on, and this was a great distraction,” said Karen Dipaolo.

Lanoka Harbor residents say Peaty has been visiting them late in the afternoon.

“As long as he comes, he’s welcome. He’s welcome here,” Dipaolo said.

“It was walking on my driveway and then went to the house across the street and then jumped on top of the roof,” another neighbor said.

Those that haven’t laid eyes on him are on high alert.

“I’m always looking outside,” said Agatha Dossantos.

“We heard the peacock this morning,” said 6-year-old Micah Trout.

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“Sounds like a baby crying,” said 8-year-old Rider Trout.

The local humane society said Peaty may have escaped his owner’s backyard, since peacocks can fly.

Now, he’s a free-ranging bird. The Popcorn Park Zoo, which rescues animals, is leaving Peaty alone for now. There have been no reports of any problems.

Lacey Township Police said the peacock is not in danger and is not a danger to others, but they are asking people to keep their distance.

A peacock isn’t an animal that’s really ever seen out and about in the pine barrens. So where are they from?

“Somewhere near Africa?” Rider guessed.

Correct! Animal experts say the exotic birds are normally found in Africa and Asia but are kept here as pets.

Dipaolo is hoping to see it again. She plays peacock calling noises on her phone.

Baker drove around the area where Peaty was last seen, but had no such luck.

The director of the Popcorn Park Zoo believes the peacock made its way south from Berkley Township, where a peacock had been spotted roaming free for more than two years.

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CBS2’s Meg Baker contributed to this report.

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