By Vanessa Murdock

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — It’s a subject a lot of women are too often silent about — fertility.

That’s why local chapters of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority are partnering to bring Black women together to have a conversation, CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock reported Tuesday.

“It’s hugely important to take this topic out of a place of shame, a place of just loneliness,” said OB-GYN Dr. Bernadith Russell.

Russell shares about 1 in 8 couples experience fertility challenges.

“For Black women, it’s twice that amount — so 1 in 4 will have a delay in conception,” Russell said.

And often couples delay reaching out for help, especially African-American couples.

“Sometimes the interactions with the medical system are less than ideal,” Russell said.

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“Black women usually wait longer to see a specialist. We have more tubal disease and more fibroids,” said Kanika Morgan, president of the Westchester Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority. “Let’s amplify this topic. Let’s give it a platform.”

To spark more open conversations, the Delta Sigma Theta curated a two-day event that includes a screening of the documentary: “Eggs Over Easy, Black Women and Fertility.”

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Morgan said she hopes the virtual event will shed light on the ups and downs of fertility.

“And really arming them with the tools they need to be more proactive about their reproductive options,” Morgan said.

“I’m hoping someone feels inspired and feels seen and their choice is valid,” added Tracy Adams of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Adams said she chooses to be child free and shares her story in the documentary.

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When asked if she felt like having the conversation to be child free was easy among your closet friends,” she said, “No, actually it wasn’t.”

“When I was like, I’m not really sure I want to have children, people are like of course you do. Everybody wants to have kids. You want to have at least one. You have to have at least one,” Adams said.

She said she’d quickly change the subject. Now, she speaks freely about her choice and hopes others will feel free to do the same after attending two nights devoted to womb wellness.

The virtual event hosted by Delta Sigma Theta starts Wednesday evening and is open to the public. For more information, please click here.

Vanessa Murdock